October 1, 2021

Colorado River


Our trip was winding down, and we had 2 great events coming up.  Today, we had a raft trip down a section of the Colorado River.  I had never done this before, and was really looking forward to it. 

After going through security at the river raft company in Page, we were bused down the underground tunnel that was created during the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam, which was between 1956 and 1966. This dam created Lake Powell.  We ended up coming out of the tunnel at the water’s edge.  More security personnel were on scene.  Imagine the havoc that would be created if the dam was breached. 

The raft trip started near the dam, and took 3 ½ hours and covered 15 miles to the take out at Lee’s Ferry.  We passed many people in all sorts of water craft on the river.  Some were fishing, others kayaking or paddle boarding.  Motorized boats were buzzing up and down.  What fun! This is what our raft looked like.

Here is the lovely Colorado River in the Glen Canyon.

About an hour into the trip, we pulled over to a beach area that also offered camping for other boaters.  The highlight here was the rock art, which included rare depictions of pronghorn antelope. 

Further down, we rafted around Horseshoe Bend.  This is what it looks like from the overlook in a photo that I took in 2008.

We were floating around from right to left.  Since the last time I had been there, a platform with a railing was created for the safety of the visitors who were looking down from above.  Here is a close up of the people way up at the railing. 
We were far below on the river, yelling to get their attention.  I am not sure if they heard us or not!
Going around the bend.

During this whole trip, and in several areas, we were looking for desert big horn sheep.  The place where I have always seen them is at the east side of Zion National Park.  None were ever evident until today.  Our raft guide was keeping her eyes peeled in an area where they had been seen before, and wouldn’t you know it, she saw 2 of them up on a high rocky slope, a male and a female.  Here is a photo of the male sheep. 
More Colorado River.  At this point we are exiting the Glen Canyon and the surrounding cliffs are not as steep.

Taking out at Lee’s Ferry, which is the only area along this stretch of the river where this is possible.

These are river rafts being launched for people who were floating down the Grand Canyon.

On our way back to Page, we stopped at the Navajo bridge.  Prior to its construction in 1929 when more and more auto traffic was coming through the area, the only way that cars could cross the river was at Lee's Ferry 5 miles upstream.  In the evening, California Condors roost on the bridges for the night.  We were too early to see that. 

Looking WAY down at the river! 

What a great day!

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