October 5, 2021



I very rarely recommend specific products, but in this case, I thought I'd pass this information along.  A few weeks ago, my friend Sabrina had attended a stage show featuring George Noory of Coast to Coast fame, in addition to several other presenters.  One of the presenters was John Hogue, the Nostradamus scholar.  Sabrina was impressed by his use of the Osho Zen Tarot deck to answer a question from the audience.  

Over the years, I have dabbled in the Tarot, and in recent years, for a New Year's prediction, I pull cards from 4 of my favorite decks.  I was drawn to getting this deck, and wow!  I am really impressed.  I've been pulling one card at the start of each day, and occasionally a second card in the same day if I have a specific question.  The results have been right on and quite accurate.  

I do realize that one has to have a strong resonance with a deck to get accurate results.  Apparently I do with this one.  As always, follow your guidance as far as this recommendation goes. 

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