June 29, 2014

The Seed of the Mother

This Sunday morning, our launching group got together for our monthly process.  It was with great anticipation that we started our launching, as the information and energy shifts that have been happening for us each month seem to be getting so much stronger and pertinent to where we are in our process of spiritual evolution.

I volunteered to go first, which is unusual for me.  I normally like to wait a few rounds before getting launched.  In retrospect, I realized that I was setting the tone and anchoring the energy for the rest of the participants by starting things off.

My intent for today’s launching was to get insight into the next step along my evolutionary path.  I quickly found myself melting into the core of the earth, merging with the soul of the Pachamama.  What a warm, wonderful and comforting feeling that was!  It was like going back into the womb.  The center of our planet is a star gate by which one can travel to other planets, stars and galaxies in a flash.  I could see golden highways leading off in all directions.  Our earth is truly at the center of it all, and when she makes her shift, what happens here will affect all else in the cosmos. 

Some time ago at one of my classes at the Monroe Institute, the Earth Mother revealed to me that she was the 5th soul to embody this planet.  In other words, she is a walk in!  I am pretty sure that she walked in about 65 million years ago during the catastrophe that killed off the dinosaurs so that she could hold the space for the development of the mammal kingdoms that followed.  Depending on what happens on earth in the near future, another soul may be getting ready to take her place.

Following this theme, I was shown that not all souls have the capacity to embody a planet.  This requires a special category of being.  As I have written about before, we all have to pass through the center of the Milky Way Galaxy on our way down the vibrational and dimensional scale to where we are right now.  The center of our galaxy is 9th dimensional, and this is where energetic templates are either installed as we come down or retrieved as we rise backup and through to the dimensions above.  As the soul of our earth was being prepared for her mission, a special “seed” of information was installed in her energy field that contained patterning that she would need to embody a planet. 

I was told that the ones who would “graduate” with her also have this seed.  We are part of her soul family, almost as if we were once a part of her energy field and then split off on our own to participate in other adventures before being called back here for the big shift that lies ahead.  Those in this original group seem to be the ones that are naturally grounded here, whereas so many others are having such a hard time doing this.  Check out my post on grounding for more information.

So my next question was “Can others get this seed?” “Yes!” was the answer.  I was shown a way in which I can assist my clients who are having difficulties with their grounding.  This would be done during a Quantum Sphere Healing session.  For others who are not my clients, you can ask your Higher Self to facilitate a process by which it would travel up the dimensional scale and enter the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Your Higher Self would then petition to receive the seed, absorb it and bring it back to install it into your core essence, which is the center of your 5th dimensional energy field.  This will assist one in connecting to and grounding into the core of the Earth Mother. 

I am going to start using the new technique with my clients this very week and see how things evolve.  The issues with the slight to severe ungroundedness that many are experiencing needs to have a workable solution, as it is getting worse and worse on the planet.  If we can create a secure linkage into the heart of our Mother, life will settle down and smooth out for many. 

There will certainly be refinements to be made to this process, so do your best with what I have presented.  It took me 2 launchings to retrieve all of this, as it is a lot of information.  More will be revealed as I start using it with my clients. 


  1. this is so cool! I will pay attention to how I feel in connection with the earth now that you were able to give me the "mother seed" in our session.