January 18, 2015

The Human Form

Our human form is the vessel for the soul.  It is our soul’s tool for evolution, and also a marvelous barometer that lets us know when something is not right.  Apparently there are souls lined up all over the place in hopes of attaining a body to use for their own experiences in the 3rd dimensional realm of physicality.   But is there more to the story? 

I think so.  A few weeks ago I worked on a client who was having ongoing difficulties of being present here, manifesting a productive life, and connecting to his inner self.  During one part of the session, I was guided to a place where the masters over the Reptilians existed.  These beings are very human looking and I have had encounters with several of them before.  This time, I noticed that they had what I call “glowing cat eyes”.  The glow was pulsating, and I actually found myself traveling into their eyes to receive information.  During the dialog on behalf of my client, I became one of them, popping into one of their bodies, and can only assume that that is one of my aspects.

Much information was received, mostly on a subconscious level, but I do remember being told that the human body was designed to entrap the soul.  The soul then can be manipulated through the things that are done to the body.  These traumas then transfer back to the soul and carry over to another lifetime, thus keeping the soul trapped in the reincarnational system.  In other words, our bodies are the puppets for the puppet masters.  The beings that I had made contact with are the overlords of the reptilians, and are by no means the only ones manipulating the various races, including us. 

After mulling this over for the past week or so, it is all starting to make sense to me.  First of all, we live in the 4th dimensional world of polarity patterning.  Opposites are the rule of the day.  On the one hand, our bodies are the temple for the soul.  The body needs to be treated with respect and honored for the job that it is doing.  On the other hand, is the human form a tool of the synthetic matrix designed to keep us trapped and under control?  Have we been forced into incarnating here?  Forced is a strong word, as we are here by agreement, but did we have full conscious awareness of what we were getting into?   I have to say that more and more I am seeing a whole variety of birth traumas showing up in my clients, more so now that the world is getting increasingly chaotic.  Is the shattering that can happen at birth part of the synthetic matrix plan to weaken our bodies and psyches? 

As I wrote in the post on “Clearing Your Pineal Gland”, our DNA is most likely the last structure that we have to clear to graduate from the 4D arena.  What creates the body?  The DNA!!!  If our DNA can be programmed with false beliefs, mutated into potential disease states or psychological dysfunction, then it can certainly be a conduit to the control of the human form itself.  On top of that, as I just wrote, the soul can pick up the traumas done to the body and carry them over to subsequent lifetimes, thus keeping this whole circus rolling along.

So we have a catch 22 here.  We need our bodies for our spiritual evolution, while at the same time, the body can be our soul’s worst enemy.  What to do?  Take care of the health of your body and do your inner work.  Nurture body and soul!  On the plus side, DNA can be shifted for the positive and completely cleared.  Now I see that at the time of each individual’s graduation from the 4D arena, the ideal is that the physical form will dissolve altogether.  No more need for it or the DNA that created it.

In the mean time, do listen to the messages that your body is giving you.  Its consciousness is directly connected to your higher guidance.  If your intuition is not working up to speed, your body will try to get the message through.  If you are still not getting it, an accident, injury or illness may manifest to really get your attention.  Remember that any unfinished business at the end of your life will be carried over for completion in another lifetime.  Or a facsimile of another lifetime!

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