March 31, 2014

Gratitude and Appreciation

Everyone has something that they are grateful for in their lives.  The same goes for aspects of their lives that they appreciate.  Most of the time, gratitude and appreciation are used interchangeably, even though there are very slight differences in the meanings.  It is common to feel gratitude or appreciation for the fortuitous happenings that come our way, but have you ever thought about feeling these emotions for the not so nice events of life?

At some point on one’s spiritual evolution, the realization that everything they experience, “the good, the bad and the ugly”, is all a part of their Higher Self’s plan for their growth and evolution.  Every last bit of it.  This can be a tough concept to accept if one likes to take the victim position or even if one has merely lived a life that has not turned out the way one would wish. 

There is as phrase that says “What you resist will persist.”  If life’s negative people, places, events, jobs, interactions, ailments, misfortunes or any other aspects that we label as being negative are judged, criticized, put down or pushed back upon, they will persist.  We give these aspects of life more power by doing this and then one will find that they never do get resolved completely. 

So what to do?  Have gratitude and appreciation for all.  This is not something that you do to or for another.  It is an energy that you embody.  You will feel it in your heart. When faced with a distressing situation, I recommend that you expand your core essence using the feelings of G & A to assist you.  Then just remain in that bubble of higher dimensional vibration as long as you can hold it.  You can also repeat to yourself phrases that reinforce the gratitude that you feel for what is happening, no matter how bad the situation may be.  By doing this, you are not only acknowledging that you have drawn this situation to you for some reason, but you will see the situation start to shift for the positive. 

Recently, I needed to have a crown done at my local dentist.  He is an excellent practitioner, but there have been just a few times when things did not turn out in an optimal way.  I decided to do an experiment.  All the while he was doing the crown prep procedure, I kept my core essence expanded, added gratitude and appreciation for him as the best dentist in the world, and also kept intending that fact.   Everything went smoothly.    (I actually felt like I was on an energetic laughing gas the whole time!)

When I went back to have the permanent crown put in, it was perfect.  No adjustments were necessary.   If you have ever had a crown done, you know that there is always some fine tuning to be done so that the bite is correct.  My dentist told me that maybe 1 out of 20 crowns that he has done in the past needed no adjusting when delivered.  I can only assume that my energetic work during the first appointment had an effect on that!

By getting into the habit of feeling gratitude and appreciation for everything in your life, you will be able to move through life’s trials and tribulations much easier and much faster.  Your heart will be expanded and others will feel that energy emanating from you.  You will find that you are receiving their gratitude and appreciation in return.  How nice!

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  1. I am posting this comment on behalf of a local friend and former student of mine. He has recently retired from the regional gas industry, hence the "pipeline" reference. Enjoy. Carla

    While reading your post the section "the feelings of G & A to assist you." caught my eye. In the old pipeline world, G & A had a different meaning. It was for those costs and charges General in nature and Administrative and simply considered of part of the everyday cost structure.
    I pondered this for a bit and realized the similarity. It may be that we need to consider gratitude and appreciation in our day to day interactions and not treat it as a special consideration, just make it part of our accepted general practices.