January 14, 2015

Calling Back Your Parts

As we go through life, we tend to have certain expectations of the people and groups that we are involved with.  These expectations cause a variety of attachments to those groups and people.  Once these straight line attachments are made, energy flows back and forth between the 2 parties according to their needs, affinities and issues.   In a lot of cases, but not all, there is an actual trading of energetic parts during this process.  We give ourselves away so easily to those that we expect to take care of us, or provide us with something that we cannot provide for ourselves. 

When a person detaches, or attempts to detach, from the other person or group, they do not automatically get all of their parts back.  Some of the side effects of this can be a yearning or worrying about the other party, an ongoing energetic drain back to the formerly attached, or even a dragging of the issues from one similar situation to the next.  One’s mind can still remain overly occupied with the “other”, hence taking up a lot of thought time in fruitless wondering. 

The groups in question can be corporate, family, religious, spiritual, educational, political, or even a clique of friends.  Three or more people can make up a group.  The possibilities here are endless! 

Yesterday, a good friend of mine came over for a healing session.  He has been retired for a few years from a job that he had held for over 30 years.  Even though this was not related to the issue that he wanted to work on, information was revealed towards the end of the session that he had not completely energetically disconnected from that job.  That made sense, since similar job related issues have come up in his 2 most recent positions.

In addition to the remaining attachments, he also had parts of himself still embedded in aspects of that long standing job.  Part of his homework was to find and bring back all of those parts.  These parts could have been involved with specific people from the job, events that took place, places that were significant, financial issues, disagreements and grudges, traumas, regrets, and even fond memories related to the job. 

The retrieval process is very simple.  Start by recalling a memory or event related to the group in question.  It is always helpful to determine your part in the expectation and attachment, too.  Then stretch your energetic arms out to the job related event, person, or place, and gather up all of your energy with your hands.  As you pull that energy back to yourself, run it through either a golden waterfall or a gold mesh screen to clean it off before pressing that energy back into your body as guided.  Repeat as often as necessary until you no longer feel a “charge” around your former relationship to that group.  

After working with my client, I realized that I had to do this process to fully disconnect from an organization that I had been associated with.  Details on that tomorrow.

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