June 15, 2014

Be Here Now

In the past several weeks, I have worked with clients that find it difficult to come up with a concrete issue for their Quantum Sphere Healing sessions because they are going through their days being out of their bodies and thus not present.  They are either looping back to the traumas of the past, or are running a fear of the future program in their minds.    Both of these dynamics are keeping them from seeing what needs to be resolved in the here and now.

We can only be present in each now moment!  This moment in time is constantly moving forward, so it is not a static thing.  Picture a strip of movie film.  It is made up of many consecutive images.  Each image is a frozen moment in time and can be looked upon as its own complete picture.  If you slice it out of the film strip, there would be no evidence that it was a part of a whole moving scene. 

Our now moments are like that, too.  Our place of power is in each of these ever evolving moments, one after the next.  Change, healing and evolution all start in the now.  Not that we can’t go back and remodel our past, but we have to be firmly anchored in the present to do so.  This is our starting point.  It is from the current perspective that we can get a sense of what needs to be done. 

In addition to this, if all of one's healing and evolutionary changes are not anchored into this present moment, it is as if the change never happened.  I routinely encounter people who have done a lot of work on themselves over the years and I would never know it.  They are a mess.  This is because they were out of their body when making these changes and the changes were not grounded into the reality of their present moment. 

First, let’s examine the looping back to the past phenomenon.  There can be many causes for this.  Are there unresolved attachments to a past event that you just keep looping back to?  Does your past seem more dramatic, meaningful or less boring compared to your present life?  Are you carrying a grudge? Do you feel incomplete with a certain event? 

There can also be energetic reasons for the looping.  Soul loss at an early age through trauma can keep drawing a person’s unconscious back to that event for healing.  Another trauma based pattern that keeps one locked into the past is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.  With this disorder, the imprint from a traumatic event in the past never leaves the person’s energy field, thus the cyclic reliving of the original events. 

I am not saying that the solution to this is to just ignore your past, as many people are pulled there automatically according to some of the above factors.   The key is to examine past events from your present position. Then you have the power to shift the memory and energy of what you are being drawn back to.

Projecting one’s energy and thoughts into the future is another pattern that can prevent a person from anchoring into the here and now.  Fear is the main driving force for this pattern.  If one has had a shaky start to life with traumatic birth difficulties, lack of a safe and secure environment at home, parents who weren’t adequately prepared to nurture and care for a child, one can believe that the world is not a safe place to be.  They will project into the future to find the next threatening event with the hope that they can prevent disaster if forewarned.  Being present and in the now may not be perceived to be a safe place to be if an unknown and dangerous event is lurking just around the corner.

I have found that some of my clients are fixated on the coming global financial collapse, earth changes, social unrest, etc, and want to use those themes in their healing sessions.  Their mind loops through the fear almost constantly.  I then have to work with them to focus on an issue that is current and timely, as that is where they can make a shift.  It is impossible to shift the trauma of an event if it hasn’t happened yet! 

Bottom line, focusing on the past or the future keeps one ungrounded and out of the body.  One’s place of power in the here and now is not able to be utilized for productive healing and change.  I will be writing more about the grounding process in the next post. 

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