March 10, 2013


The comment made to my last post on the earthbounds has provided a jumping off place for the topic of spiritual protection.  Over the years, I have been asked about this practice many times, and certainly shamanic practitioners of all traditions are trained in a variety of methods of protection.  My viewpoint on this has changed very much since my shamanic training. 

When a student or client asks me about energetic protections, I always say “Don’t bother.” for a number of reasons.  First of all, creating and maintaining energetic protections like mirrors, shields or bubbles of light take a lot of energy that you could be using for something else.  These methods start losing effectiveness as soon as they are created, so to keep them intact requires a lot of vigilance, checking and reinforcing.  Bottom line, if something is destined to “attach or attack”, it will get through your defenses.

Why is that?  Everything that happens to us is by the plan of our higher aspects according to what we are meant to experience this time around.   If we are to have the experience of being attacked, harmed, drained of energy or even killed, this will happen.  Remember that because we live in a world of polarity, there is a positive purpose to every event, even the nasty ones. 

Distressful events are designed to show us something about ourselves. Quite often, what appears to be an invasion of some kind is really the triggering of a person’s own shadow aspect that is hidden to them.  This can happen if someone that you have an interaction with has the same pattern.  Like always attracts like, even if it seems to be the opposite sometimes.  So if you are assaulted verbally by a really angry person, look inside for your own hidden anger.  Find it and then deal with it.  This person is just doing you the favor of helping you see yourself.  Also, if you can truly have gratitude and appreciation for the favor that person has done for you, you will be able to move through your difficulties much easier and smoother.  After all, your encounter has been pre-arranged by spirit! 

I must also say that there are a lot of people who are experiencing ongoing difficulties with invasion of their space by dark entities.  I do not mean to make light of these situations, as they are very distressing to those who are dealing with this.  Empaths can have a particularly difficult time.  People who have had birth trauma or have been traumatized to the point of cracking early in life also fall into this category. They are particularly open and with fuzzy boundaries on top of it all.  These principles still apply, but it will take more work and awareness on their part.  Their souls have chosen a harder path for them, but tremendous growth and gain will be had in the end.  If you are dealing with a lot of fear on a daily basis, you may need to take baby steps in letting go of spiritual protections that may not be working for you.  It’s like letting go of your security blanket a bit at a time. 

So instead of bothering with spiritual protections, I recommend that you keep your core essence expanded, firmly anchor yourself in your body at all times, even while you are sleeping, use life’s distressful episodes to show you something about yourself, and walk with gratitude and appreciation for everything that comes your way, the good, the bad and the ugly.  After all, on some level, you have created all of it.  It’s part of your plan.    

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