July 9, 2013

Compressing and Clarifying

The condensing and compressing of our individual human experience has been going on for some time now.  When I tuned into the energy of humanity today, it felt like a monumentally huge groan was being expressed by everyone on many levels of physicality and consciousness.  How much more can we withstand? Our Earth Mother is groaning, too.  Maybe she is getting ready to give birth to her 5th dimensional self at last! 

Some friends and clients of mine have been struggling with personal losses and disconnects ranging from deaths of those close to them to breakups with partners and friends.  Grief and suffering are strongly felt with these dear souls.  I am also tuned into the situation in Egypt and the struggle that the people there are engaged in just to achieve a measure of freedom and autonomy for themselves.  So much stuff is coming up on many levels to be resolved and transcended and what no longer fits must go. 

What is happening is that we are being compressed and squeezed at the same time that the vibration of our reality continues to accelerate.  The effect of this is to clarify and purify our beingness.  Certain aspects that do not serve us are being thrown out at high speeds as if from a centrifuge gone wild.  What will be left is a nugget of pure gold, our eternal essence that will proceed on from here. 

Another way of looking at this is to picture an hour glass.  Only a small stream of sand can go through the narrowest part.   If a chunk of sand is too big, it cannot go through at all and must be left behind.  We are throwing off those chunks so that our clarified essence can pass through that narrowest part to a new realm of existence, in other words, we are rebirthing ourselves.  

What is this new realm that we are heading for?  We may not know until we are there.  As this is very much an internal journey, it will look different to each one involved.   We do not need to suffer our way to that destination, either.  The baggage that we are carrying can be let go of even if we are not quite sure of what it may be.  If you are addicted to suffering, grief, regrets, attachments, what ifs, should haves or a whole host of other heavy emotions, now is the time to fling them out of you.  You cannot take them with you to your final destination. 

As always, going within regularly is the most important thing that you can do.  An interesting article showed up on the internet yesterday having to do with the one habit that most successful people have.  Oprah was mentioned prominently in the article along with several other well known names.  That habit is some form of daily meditation, contemplation or introspection.  This is where successful people get their inspiration and guidance, and I would suspect, a good deal of their motivation, too.  We cannot assume that their lives are any easier than ours are right now, either.  We are all in the same boat.  It’s just a matter of what tools you have in your tool box that can be used to negotiate through what is going in your life.  I hope all of you have a master mechanic's box of goodies!  

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