July 20, 2021

Calling in the Rain


Here in the SW United States, our annual monsoon season has started in a very dynamic way.  This is the time of year when the weather patterns shift and we get moisture coming up from the Gulf of Mexico.   The daily rainfall also serves to cool down our temperatures, which had been up around the 100° mark several times lately. 

Last year, and certainly the year before, the monsoon rains had been pretty puny.  The ancient people who lived here long ago depended on this rain for their dryland crops of corn, beans and squash.  No rain meant starvation for them.  This year we were actually at the point where it was recommended that we limit the watering of our lawns and plantings because of the ongoing drought, so this rain will certainly help that situation. 

The storm clouds tend to build up gradually during the day and the resulting rain sweeps through in waves in the afternoon and evening.   Some local areas will get deluged, while others may get only a sprinkle.  The ground here is also very sandy and loose, so mudslides and flash floods can occur, too.  Yesterday, an area north of Cedar City got flooded, with muddy water flowing down the streets, but only a sprinkle in my neighborhood. 

This brings me to the topic of this post.  I like to play around with calling the rain to my vicinity.  I have been doing this for years, and it is definitely a shamanic practice.  First of all, I do not do this on a perfectly clear blue sky day.  There must be a chance of rain and preferably, rain clouds visible from where you are standing.  You can move the rain clouds over to where you are, or even cause rain clouds overhead to start raining on you. 

Here are the steps.  Stand outside, get relaxed, and Ground yourself.  Then expand your Core Essence.  Already you can see that this is a spiritual practice.  From here, you can then do either of 2 things or both at once.  First, you can feel yourself as the big juicy and expanded rain cloud which is releasing its moisture onto the ground below.  Or, you can be yourself right where you are and feel the rain hitting your body.  When I say “feel”, I really mean it.  Do not just visualize the action.  BE IT!  Then hold this feeling as long as you can.  A big dose of gratitude and appreciation must be applied, too.  Rain clouds have consciousness just as you do, and you may find it helpful to communicate with that consciousness while calling the cloud over to you. 

Here are a few other twists to the exercise.  Take a look at a radar view of your area that shows the movement of the rain.  Use your hands or consciousness to move rain over to you on the radar.  If it is raining too much, you can use the above techniques to move that rain away.  I also used to have fun dissolving clouds in the sky.  Mainly the small fluffy white ones.  I would connect my consciousness to that of the cloud, embody that cloud, and feel myself dissolving.

Most of all, do this with joy, gratitude and appreciation.  We are all a part of the natural world and a part of the consciousness of all.  Have fun!  As a side note, I have been intensely interested in how the ancient people managed to move those multi ton megalithic stones.  Perhaps this is how they did it!  They became one with the stone so that carving and moving it was no big deal. 

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