July 11, 2021

Hot Stuff


Today I am describing “hot” in two different ways!  Yesterday, with our continuing heat wave in the SW US, we hit 100° here in Cedar City.   This is the first “hot” that I am referring to.  Not a good time to be doing outside activities. 

We also had our July Jamboree on Main Street in the afternoon and evening.  This yearly celebration is sponsored by the Cedar City Lions Club and includes live entertainment, a beer garden, lots of different kinds of food and drink available, and vendors from our area.  For me, the highlight was the several hundred classic cars, hot rods, motorcycles and diesel trucks that were parked along a large section of Main Street that had been blocked off for the occasion.  So this is my second “hot”. 

I was not sure I was going to go to this event, but I figured that I could always go home if it became too unpleasant.  Actually, I thought the bottoms of my sandals were going to melt onto the pavement in the heat!

Now, I am not a fan of cars at all.  But I am a fan of anything creative and artistic that we humans come up with.  And, I will photograph just about anything!  So what I had in mind yesterday was to take photos from an artistic viewpoint.

As I walked along looking at the various vehicles, I found myself relating to them as “personalities”.  Certainly, their owners had put a lot of work into restoring them, a process which can take several years.  Some of the owners were even dressed in period costumes to match their vehicles.  I would even suspect that these cars were cared for as if they were children, too.  Did they have consciousness in their own right?  I am sure their owners felt like they did. 

I regarded the front of the vehicle as the “face”, and mainly photographed that.  See if you can detect the personalities of each of these. 

Here is my favorite car named "Creamsicle Delight" by it's owner.  I did send it lots of gratitude and appreciation.  Maybe she heard me?


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