March 5, 2016

Anyone for Turkey?

My next sacred site trip will be to Turkey in May.  This trip is put on by Megalithomania and is called "The Origins of Civilization".  It is led by Andrew Collins, one of the esteemed experts on the 13,000 year old archaeological site of Göbekli Tepe, which is located in the southeastern part of the country. Andrew is also the author of the premier book on this subject, “Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods”.  It’s a fabulous read for those interested in this megalithic site. 

I heard from Andrew the other day that he has a few spots open for this trip, so I am getting the word out.  This is a chance to visit one of the most important archaeological sites on the planet with a true expert.  The group will be small and intimate.  What an opportunity!  I will also be in my sacred information gathering mode and look forward to finding out what other participants receive as well during our fabulous 2 days at the site. 

For more information on this 12 day trip, you can e-mail Andrew through his web site here.  Scroll down his events tab to get to the itinerary.  Perhaps I will be meeting some of you in person in Istanbul! 

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