March 2, 2016

Surfing the Wave

Since writing my post a few days ago on the incoming energies that are creating a chaotic spinning energy in the subconscious realms, I have heard from quite a few of you that you are really resonating with that information.  It seems that many people have detected this background “noise” in a very subtle but powerful way, and are aware of these effects oozing into their daily lives.  Many have been noticing this for a while and did not realize that this is a planetary (or bigger) phenomenon until I wrote about it.

In addition, this week I worked on several clients who were moving forward in a dynamic way during their integration between Quantum Sphere Healing sessions.  They have made life changes that they did not foresee happening before they worked with me.  I have to say that this is tremendously gratifying for me to see, and I applaud their progress. 

So what are these clients doing that is different from some of the others?  They are surfing the wave of these chaotic incoming energies.  They are going with the flow and making life decisions while trusting that all will work out for them.  They are taking advantage of the positive aspects of this energy. 

Since we live in a realm that is ruled by polarity, everything has a positive and a negative aspect.  So as we are affected by a sometimes very uncomfortable and chaotic background energy, that energy can also be used to effect dynamic change in our lives.  All it takes is to really let go of the old stuck stuff, intend for a change, and go with what shows up without resistance.  The results can be amazing if we just trust the chaos to break down the old structures and reformulate something new and sometimes unexpected.  Be willing to be surprised, as in spite of it all, we all have a plan for our spiritual evolution that has been formulated by our higher aspects.  The key is to trust what shows up as a result of surfing that incoming wave and go with it without hesitation! 

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