May 29, 2015

Yellow Fever

No, I do not have yellow fever!  Because of a sacred site tour I will be taking to South America in the fall, I am required to get a yellow fever vaccination.  Ugh!!!  I try to avoid vaccinations in general, but if I don’t get this one, I will not be able to get into Bolivia.  Since there are negative side effects from any vaccination, I wanted to be proactive to avoid any problems and work the energy before and during getting the injection. 

Yellow fever is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito, and can cause severe flu-like symptoms.  The vaccine contains a live but weakened virus, in addition to a whole host of other creepy ingredients, and can cause a number of equally creepy side effects.  I got this information from the nurse after she gave me the injection.  Ha! 

The original plan was to ask to hold the needle before getting injected so that I could energetically alter the vaccine to remove all side effects.  As a side note, I do not drink alcohol but will have a shot of tequila about 3 times a year if I am out with a group celebrating something or just having a fun time.  Before sipping the tequila, I cup my hands around the glass it and infuse it with all sorts of positive energy and intent.  This energy comes from my core essence, down my arms and out my palms.  The last thing I do is energetically remove all negative side effects of the alcohol, thus making the tequila more of a positive medicinal drink.  I thought that I would try this with the vaccination if the nurse would let me hold the syringe.  It turns out that I didn’t even have to use this procedure at all. 

I had a 50 mile drive to get to the clinic in Durango, and started working the energy while I was driving.  Why wait until the last minute?  Now, I don’t recommend that you try this while driving unless you can hold an altered state and safely drive at the same time!  The first thing I did was to make contact with the vaccine. I just wanted to see if I could shift the energy before I got to the clinic in case I was not allowed to put my hands on the syringe.

Remember that at this time I was unaware that the vaccine contained a weakened form of the yellow fever virus.  I was pretty surprised, then, when I immediately made contact with that weakened virus.  It had consciousness!  This consciousness had a very soft and somewhat robotic voice, and it was trapped inside a very small metal box.  I had a suspicion that the natural organic form of the yellow fever virus had been scientifically altered, making the vaccine a combination of organic and synthetic.  Who would want that injected into their body???

I then established a rapport and connection with the vaccine while attuning and harmonizing my energy with it.  Next, I applied a very liberal dose of gratitude and appreciation.   As you know when you do this, the whole energy of any situation starts to shift and raises in vibration as the energy expands.   I also then set my intent to remove any negative side effects as well.

The tiny robotic energy of the manipulated yellow fever virus started to shift.  Its spirit started to heal as it proceeded to expand well beyond the energy of that tiny metal box.  The synthetic overlay was dropping away.  It was being set free!  The energy turned to pure joy and diffused into the atmosphere until there was nothing left of it.  I did one final check of what was left of the vaccine, and it had the energy of pure water. 

Once I got to the clinic, I didn’t even bother to ask to hold the syringe so that I could alter the vaccine.  At that point, I had every confidence that what was being injected into me was plain water with all of the negative side effects long gone.  What I did do, however, was to make sure that I was completely grounded and my core essence was fully expanded before getting the injection in my arm.  
It is now about 24 hours later, and no side effects have shown up.  I can’t even find the injection site!  The process that I described above can be used by anyone who is faced with having to have something put into their bodies that may be harmful to them.  This might include any medical or dental procedures, other vaccinations, prescribed medications, or even heaven forbid, having some sort of chip placed under the skin.  All of these substances or items have consciousness that can be connected to and worked with.  In addition, many of them have organic consciousnesses that have been enslaved or altered via the synthetic matrix.  All life forms on this planet deserve to be free, even these.

You can also use my “tequila method” for medications that you must take.   Remember that you are the master over your body and your world.  These methods will help you to build up your energetic muscles to be able to achieve more energetic mastery over your circumstances. 


  1. Neutralizing the negative effects of mandatory vaccinations (and the occasional mandatory margarita--Lol) with energy work is an idea I'd never before considered. Thank you for this very empowering post, Carla.

  2. Yes, the applications are many!!! ;-)

  3. Hi Carla! I love your blog! If you ever get around to it...could you possibly do a blog about neutralizing vaccine effects or just vaccines in general. I have a child that was vaccinated before I became aware of the harmfulness of it and would like to know more about what how it affects your body and spirit. Thank you!

  4. That is not quite my area of expertise. I am convinced however that any vaccine or medicine for that matter can be connected to, dialoged with and shifted for a more productive result.