January 6, 2013

Earth and Sun

We owe our very existence to the planet we live on.  She has provided the human race with a platform for their evolution at this very important time in our history.  I say “she” because our planet is embodied by a female soul.  The Peruvians call her Pachamama, or Earth Mother.  She is our archetype for the divine feminine.  All shamanic groups around the world recognize her as their support and sustenance.  It is interesting that during one journey to the earth’s core to meet the Earth Mother, she said that she was the 5th soul to embody this planet.  Each time there was a major cataclysm, a different soul came in to take over.

The earth’s energetic structure is the same as ours on the micro level and the same as the Sun on the macro level.  The physical body of the earth is 3rd dimensional.  She is surrounded by an electromagnetic field which is 3rd and 4th dimensional, and which contains particles which rotate around the earth creating a protective barrier and the magnetic poles.  There is also a 4th dimensional field which surrounds and interpenetrates our planet.  Within this field live all of the patterning for the nature kingdoms in addition to the beings such as devas, fairies, elves and gnomes to name a few. 

At her core is a 5th dimensional portal, and this is also where her soul essence resides.  Some call her Pachamama, others call her Sophia or Gaia.  For the clearest communication with her, it is best to travel to the earth core.  From a 3rd dimensional perspective, the body of our planet has been damaged and polluted in many areas, but her soul is still cleat, pure and intact.  Aren’t we the same, with damaged, diseased and distressed bodies but with the pure spark of the divine within?

Our sun has the same energetic structure, with a 3D body that we can see, a 3rd and 4th dimensional field around and interpenetrating it, and also its own rotating electromagnetic field.  At its core is the same 5th dimensional field which is also an inter-dimensional portal.  The sun has a male soul embodying it, and the Peruvians call it Inti Tayta, or Father Sun.  It is our divine masculine archetype.  You can literally travel to the core of our earth, and then travel to the core of our sun or any other planet or star in the blink of an eye.  I have also journeyed to Arcturus and Sirius and encountered huge beings that live inside these stars. 

We humans have the same set-up.  We have our 3rd dimensional physical body, and a very complicated 4th dimensional field which interpenetrates the body and extends out about 1½ feet.  This very busy 4D field contains all of our emotions, traumas, thoughts, beliefs, patterns for disease, dream time experiences as well as the memories from all of the past lives we have led, and so much more.  Our 4D auric field is encased in an energetic bubble giving it the look of an egg surrounding the body. 

Humans also have a 5th dimensional core essence deep within us and this is where our Higher Self, the planner of this lifetime, exists.  In a future post, I will be giving an exercise on how to make contact with your 5D core essence. 

I am always amazed at how little attention is paid to the beings that embody our Earth and our Sun by spiritual and religious groups world wide.  Shamanic communities seem to be the exception.  Every planet, star and galaxy has a consciousness at its core.  Comets, meteors and asteroids, I am not sure.  A very major comet is heading our way, and when it becomes visible in November, we will have an excellent opportunity to make contact with its consciousness. 

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