May 18, 2021

E-mail Subscription Update

My subscription list has been successfully transferred to Mail Chimp.  I have realized that a lot of you are suddenly getting my recent posts in your in box when you have not before.  This is because when you signed up to receive the posts, your e-mail address was not verified by you at that time.  The list that just got transferred to Mail Chimp included all of the unverified e-mail addresses.  If you are no longer interested in receiving the posts, just go down to the bottom of your e-mail to unsubscribe.   If you wish to continue, I encourage you to go back and read any posts that interest you.  There is a search bar at the top left of every page on the blog. 

Until Feedburner discontinues their e-mail subscription service in July, or until I stop that service myself, the rest of you will probably be getting 2 identical e-mails from both services.  If you still wish to unsubscribe, you will have to do that on both e-mails.  

So many of you have been reading my blog since the beginning of 2013, and I am extremely grateful for all of that support.  I plan to continue blogging about my travels, spiritual information, launchings, sacred sites and so much more indefinitely.  Hope you are finding the information useful and informative.  It is certainly a labor of love on my part.  

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