May 23, 2021

APP 2021

These past 4 days I have spent participating in the APP 2021 webinar/workshop on line.  It was fun, fruitful, but somewhat exhausting.  I am not used to being in front of my computer from 9 AM to 6 PM for this length of time. 

APP stands for Applied Precognition Project, run by Marty Rosenblatt, and uses Associative Remote Viewing to predict future outcomes.  For this project, they work with the stock market and sporting events. 

The basic premise for this type of remote viewing, which can also be called Binary Remote Viewing, is that the viewer is being presented with two possible future event outcomes to choose from.  These outcomes are represented by 2 definitely different photos.  One is randomly assigned the “yes” outcome, and the other is assigned the “no” outcome.  In the case of an investment, the 2 photos are randomly assigned an “up” or “down” outcome.  The task for the viewer is to accurately view and describe the photo that represents the correct answer for the future event, to be revealed at a specified time in the future. So this is where the precognition comes in! 

Precognition is a psychic talent, and a lot of what Marty teaches is related to enhancing one’s psychic ability, and thus one’s accuracy in predicting outcomes using ARV.  One of his common themes is encouraging one's ability to link into what he calls the UCC, or Universe of Collective Consciousness, where all information is located.  You could also call this the Akashic Records, Source, or the Matrix.  This is also where the correct photo of the future outcome is located.  

Here is where we start to get into what I would call spiritual development.  To connect to the UCC, one needs to quiet the mind, expand, and tune in.  This is also what one needs to do to make their inner connection to guidance.  Relax, expand and go within.  So we are talking here about basic spirituality. 

During the webinar, we had a really inspiring lecture from Stephen Wright entitled “Spirituality, What is It?”  Steve Braude gave a fascinating lecture on his research into mediumship. 

We also had lectures by Russell Targ, Dean Radin, Nick Cook, and several by Tom McNear, one of Ingo Swann’s best remote viewing students.  The highlight on Sunday was a group prediction of a specific horse race.  The task was "Will the morning line favorite win the race?"  

In previous years, this biannual workshop was held live in Las Vegas, and I am hoping that this will happen again.  That way, I will be able to meet in person all of the folks that I have been interacting with on the small screen.  In the mean time, I am participating in a 3 month research project involving the success and effectiveness of remote viewing the outcomes of horse races.  Fun!!

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