March 22, 2021

The Day After

Yesterday was the day after the "official" Vernal Equinox.  I had been out to the Parowan Gap the previous 2 nights, but the weather did not cooperate with the sunset viewing.  The weather yesterday started out partly cloudy with a brisk wind blowing, so I waited until late in the afternoon to make my decision to give it one more try.  The sky cleared up, and off I went around 6:30 PM.

As I drove up to the parking area, I saw 3 antelope running across a field.

I am glad that I dressed warmly, as it was very windy there at the viewing site, maybe 40 mph on average, and by the time I left, the temperature had dropped to the low 30's.  There were quite a few people there, too, adults and children. 

Persistence paid off!  I am so glad that I took a chance and drove out on that 3rd night.  Below is a progression of the sunset into the V of Parowan gap.  The first photo was taken at 7:13 PM, and the last was at 7:45 PM.

Now you can really see the sun sliding down the slope.
Note the band of clouds low on the far horizon.

At this point, the sun was dipping behind the cloud bank, and I thought that would be it for the phenomenon.
Luckily, there was enough of a space at the point of the V for the sun to pop out in a very dynamic way!

I considered this to be a very sacred moment, and it certainly was for the ancient people who lived here many years ago.  Because the sun was close to the horizon, it looked much bigger than it normally would.  As I stood there, I opened up my energy field completely and asked the sun, Inti Tayta, to feed me with all of that glorious energy.  If you would like to do the same, you can go into a meditative state, focus on the photo above, and pull it in.  

Here is the final photo that I took as the sun went down.

As a final reminder to everyone, even though this event was kind of a big deal, magic can be found around you in your everyday life, too.  You just need to be open to it, and looking for it.  Do not allow  everyday distractions to divert your attention from your existence here as spirit having a temporary physical experience.  By acknowledging that the Divine is in everything around you, magic can happen!

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