March 28, 2021

March Launching

Earlier today, our group got together for our monthly launching.  We had a different combination of people today, with 2 not able to come, and one new person joining the group.  We were quite harmonious with our energy this morning!  Since the group was formed just a few months ago, each time we meet, we are clarifying our process and progressing energetically, too.  Most importantly today, we discussed that even though each member of the group contributes energy to sending the launchee upwards, the launchee should also put a lot of energy into launching themselves, too, since they are alone in their physical space. 

Everyone had a great journey, and we all shared our experience before moving onto the next person.  Before each person is launched, they set their intent for their journey.  My intent today was to go to a place where I can gather energy and information for creating and drawing people for a weekly workshop I’d like to start here in the near future. 

I really propelled myself upwards upon being launched, and went right up and through the portal to our universe and then out into the multiverse.  This is a familiar place, as all of those other universes are attached to each other, and always look like bunches of grapes to me.

So which one to choose to gather my information from?  The next thing I knew, I had jumped into one of them.  Keep in mind that each one is different with different qualities.  The one I had entered was composed of rainbow colors and musical tones.  The colors were swirling around me, and the sounds were very subtle and melodious. 

As I hovered in this wonderful space, I started absorbing into my DNA all of the energy and imprints from the colors and tones, only to start sending them back out from inside my body.  It was a very even flow into my body and then out, back and forth.  I then realized that I was receiving the vibrations that I could use to attract students for my upcoming group, and could radiate that out as needed.

My DNA then started to spin, the 2 strands merged into one, and then they swirled and twisted into a glowing ball.  Each strand of DNA in my body did that.  At that point, I could feel my physical body start to dissolve.  This was not an unfamiliar sensation, as I had experienced it several times before over the years.  I believe that this is the way in which a person can leave the physical plane for good, and not leave a trace behind. 

The journey was complete as the group called me back.  It is important to remember that because we create a group vessel of expanded and merged Core Essences for each person who launches, we all also share in the information and imprinting that the launchee experiences. 

After lunch, I took a nice walk outside to integrate.  Today was the first sunny and warm day that we have had in a long time.  We get a fair number of bald eagles here, especially in the winter, and I was treated to one of them soaring high above me while I walked.  A very good omen!

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