March 14, 2013

Are you asleep?

We are coming up on an important energetic milestone next week, the Vernal Equinox.  This will be yet another opportunity for humanity to step up to the plate and take charge of their own personal destiny.  In a world that is rapidly spinning out of control financially, politically and environmentally, I find that instead of people waking up and going within for solutions and then implementing those solutions, there seem to be more who are checking out and going deeper into unconsciousness.  Some are maxing out their credit cards to follow gurus and spiritual traditions that only want disempowered followers and not empowered free thinkers, while others are digging in their heels and hanging on to dysfunctional patterns that should have been dumped years ago.  I have run into so much of this crazy stuff lately, that many times I have had to resist the temptation to say “You should know better!” to a student or client. 

Two years ago I wrote my book "Traversing the Infinite Now" because of the difficulties several of my long time students and clients had gotten themselves into.  The book contains a lot of common sense advice and exercises to help a person gain understanding of what their issues are and how to move through them. Now people have a manual of sorts to refer to when they know that something is going on that no longer serves them. Still, one has to actually pick up the book and make conscious use of the information. 

An ongoing problem is that many truly do not know when they have an issue that they can work through.  Yes, we are all asleep to some extent, but I am beginning to wonder if the matrix programming is so strong in this regard that it may be nearly impossible for most to wake up to their issues.  Are we being kept in a comatose condition that is so deep that there is little hope for the awakening of humanity?  Are the addictions to the drama and distractions of earthly life that strong?  Are we truly incapable of making that inner connection that will provide us with the direction that our life should be taking?  Granted, not everyone is on a spiritual path, but on the other hand, shouldn’t we all be as spirits having a physical experience? 

Unfortunately, what can keep a person asleep to their issues is that the positive gain is perceived to be more than the down side, until the down side becomes overwhelmingly negative.  That may be enough to wake the person up so that they make a change.  A recent client came to me with an issue of “change by force, not by choice” because even the thought of change was too painful to contemplate.  Is this the attitude that keeps so many stuck and asleep?  Are people OK with the negative side of things as long as they perceive that they are getting some positive gain from the situation?  We humans are so adaptable that as many situations on the planet get very slowly and progressively worse, we easily adapt to the “new” normal, which would have been unthinkable decades ago.  Do you remember flying pre 911, when everyone got a meal on the plane, your civil rights were not violated with a mandatory pat down, and your friends and relatives could meet you at the gate when your flight arrived?  Those were the good old days.  Look at how easily we have adapted to the airport craziness that goes on now.  What’s next?

Remember that you are in charge of your destiny.  Continue to go within for guidance and direction.  Reclaim your power.  WAKE UP!!!!!!


  1. Great post, Carla. I feel that a lot of people's ability to stay asleep is due to the fact that our world today is filled with so many comforts. We are not fully connected or feel siginificantly affected by changes such as the examples you gave. It seems as though often times it is not until things get bad enough that we feel entirely stuck, at a loss, uncomfortable, or without any other option, that we are willing to make a change or able to face the truth with honesty. This reminds me of many people who face seems that often times it is not until CRISIS, or your back is against the wall, that people are willing to make a significant change. Today, crises and hitting bottom are less common due to the availability of so many things. I suppose that is not the only time people decide to follow a more truthful life, because I feel it can also occur when people become utterly exhausted by things that no longer serve them or their soul--ie things or old ways of being that become emptied of value. I guess in either circumstance, one has to get to the point that they are fed up.

  2. I agree, Kelley. The world is at a tipping point in so many ways now, that humanity may be pushed to the brink en mass, thus being forced to evolve and change. This is where the firm inner connection comes into play, as that can never be lost no matter what the circumstances. Thanks for your great comments!