April 23, 2013

April Launch

Our group met this past Sunday for our monthly get together and launching.  I am always amazed that when everyone has taken their turn and we can look at the summary of experiences that the group has had, we can see the vastness and diversity in our universe as reflected in the new and different journeys taken from month to month.

It is standard procedure for each to have an intention for their launching, whether it is a question or a destination.  My intent was to get information on how to make use of the current highly creative energies that the planet has been immersed in since the Vernal Equinox.  All information comes in symbolically for these launchings and the individual interpretation is left to the one journeying to decipher.  The following is what I experienced and my interpretation of the images. 

I traveled up a stairway of wave forms made of golden energy. (Raising my vibration at the start of the journey.)

In front of me was a large Petri dish oriented vertically. I placed a speck of energy in the center of the dish and watched it start to multiply and cover the surface of the dish.  (The speck of energy was my intent for creation and manifestation.  As soon as it was planted, the multiplication and expansion of the creation began.)

I popped through the center of the Petri dish into a smooth and harmonious energy field of gold.  (Co-creating with the Divine.)

Shapes started to form out of the golden field of energy, many of them looking like buildings and cities. 

These shapes then coalesced into a globe or bubble, with the surface of that bubble covered with the buildings and cities.

I then drifted upwards and hovered over this bubble.  I could see others like me hovering over their own bubbles, too.  (Group intent, co-creating with others of like vibration on higher levels.)

All of these like minded spirits gathered together and started toning/vibrating in unison.  (Again an activity of co-creation on the higher levels.)

We were then lifted into a sound that I call the Universal Sound Current.  (It is very hard to describe, as it was more of a very fine vibration and a feeling than an actual sound that could be heard.)

The Universal Sound Current was then embodied by all to bring back with them to the Earthly plane for use in creating and manifesting.

I heard a while ago that the ancients used this Universal Sound Current to soften, carve, and then levitate the megalithic stones found in many places around the world.  Is this also the way manna is created out of nothing to feed the people?  Another aspect of this that struck me as being very pertinent to our times is that this is a way of creating and manifesting outside of the synthetic reality matrix.  Of course, the “powers that be” definitely do not want us to be able to do this, as they will then loose their control over humanity.  Imagine not being tied to the current financial system if we can manifest anything we need at a moment’s notice.  That is just the start.  Let your imagination run wild with other possibilities! 

This is just my interpretation of the symbology of my journey, and is also pretty bare bones.  You may get something different.  Do your own contemplation and take from this what works for you.  Try it out.      

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