April 1, 2013

Light vs. Dark

I hope that you found the last few posts interesting.  My friend Jan suggested that I get a screen writer on board!  My aunt was creeped out.  As always, take with you what resonates, and leave the rest behind.  There are so many paths out there, who knows if there is one that is a one size fits all.  My task is to get my experiences in written form and into the public record. 

My friend Lori requested that I write something on the positive vs. negative theme, so here it is.  We could also call this light vs. dark, good vs. evil, easy vs. hard, or good vs. bad.  You get the idea.  Since we live in a realm created by 4th dimensional patterns of polarity, these opposites are all around us, and we have to deal with them every day.  We even have a shadow aspect that is buried and hidden, but can rear its ugly head when triggered.

Nothing in life is all positive or all negative.  Every cloud has a silver lining, and most of the “light beings” that I have encountered have a black skeleton underneath their glowing robes.  This is why we need to have our radar working and our discernment sharp at all times.  See with a clear eye, and do not go asleep if you are confronted with an issue that you would like to ignore.

Getting back to our light vs. dark theme, so many people overvalue the light and try to ignore the dark side of life.  It really irks me when I hear a person calling themselves a Lightworker.  What are they doing with their dark side?  It’s like lifting weights with only one arm.  Eventually, one gets really out of balance and the whole system is weakened. 

Picture a pendulum swinging back and forth.  The more it swings to one side, the more it swings back over to the other side.  It is seeking a balance by moving the same amount to the opposite direction.  I had some friends visiting me last month, and was explaining this concept.  One of them has always been very political. I told him that when he supports the Democrats, he is indirectly supporting the Republicans, because of the nature of our polarized 2 party system.  He was a bit shocked, and said that he had to think about that one for a while.  Another analogy I like is when you encounter someone who is really sweet and nice, and who wouldn’t hurt a fly, don’t you think that they have a dark side that is really cranking along inside?  They do, and quite often it takes the form of a lot of internal self harm. 

Our goal in this dimensional reality is balance.  To achieve that, both polarities must be honored and acknowledged as equal.  For each personally, that means owning up to your mistakes, which requires courage.  It’s not easy.  Once you face your flaws and mistakes, forgive yourself.  Value and appreciate every aspect of yourself. 

Now, what do we do when we have been treated very badly by someone else?  The normal reaction is to treat them badly in return, run away or ignore the bad behavior.  The bad behavior is looked down upon, while one tends to honor and look more favorably upon those who treat us well.  We value the good behavior and devalue the bad.  Isn’t this the same as ignoring our own bad behavior and putting on the mask of the “good” person? 

Remember that we have all planned our lives before incarnating here this time around.  We have chosen life companions that will treat us humanely, but also those who will brutally attack us physically, psychologically or emotionally, and everything in between.  There are varied and various reasons for this, and it is not to torture us.  It is for our learning and growth.  So wouldn’t it be better to face the difficulties and even thank the other for providing us with the opportunities for growth?  None of us are victims, as on some level we have planned it all.  I had a very emotionally and verbally abusive mother who passed away a few years ago.  The attacks continued up until the day she died, which made it very difficult for me to resolve the situation within myself.  With time, I have come to see that her treatment of me was part of our plan.  It resulted in toughening me up and making me the strong individual that I am now.  I have been told that I have very good boundaries, and I owe that to my mother, and can finally thank her for that. 

If we learn to honor the difficulties and the difficult people in our lives, balance will be easier to achieve and we will have more time and energy to focus on moving forward on our path.   

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  1. True words of wisdom! but understanding comes, when one can embrace his dark side! :)