March 12, 2014

Sorting Out Parts

Today’s post is a follow up to the previous one on energy extraction.  That post dealt with the larger picture of how our energy is extracted on levels far beyond what we are aware of in our conscious reality.  I’d like to bring this whole issue into a more concrete form and give you some tools to use to bring back your energy from people that you have become entangled with.   

When we become energetically entangled with another person, it is always the result of a belief on either a conscious or unconscious level that we are not whole and need to attach to another to complete ourselves.  Please read the whole post on this subject.  Unfortunately, this is commonly how your everyday 3D relationships are constructed.  These could be between romantic or business partners, spouses, friends, relatives or even between you and your favorite dry cleaner!  Where there is an expectation of any kind, the attachment and ensuing entanglement is bound to follow.

Once that attachment is created, energy flows back and forth between the 2 parties.  This is not only the positive energy, but the heavy negative energy as well.  According to each person’s needs and expectations, the end result is an imbalance of “who gets what” in any interaction.  Because we live in a world of polarities, one person ends up with more energetic resources, and the other ends up with less.  That’s just the way it seems to be. 

Not only does heavy and light energy flow back and forth, aspects of a person can be given to the other or aspects of the other can be taken from them.  A classic example from years ago would be the tradition of letting the husband take care of all of the finances, pay the bills and balance the checkbook.  It wasn’t an issue of whether the wife couldn’t or didn’t know how to do this.  It just wasn’t her role in the marriage.  She entrusted her husband with that part of herself that may have had this ability.  If she became widowed after many years of marriage, this ability would have been very difficult to recover energetically. 

In an evolved relationship, each person strives to be whole and complete within themselves.  The energetic interactions do not leave a deficit on either side. They look more like the merging and then separating of globes of energy with each globe remaining whole and intact. This is a true interaction of the hearts and core essence of equals. 

Here is the process for sorting out and retrieving your energetic parts.  This is a necessity because as long as the other has a part of your energy, you are connected and the imbalanced energy flow will continue to go back and forth.

First, do your best to determine the neediness that has caused you to attach and entangle with another.  There may be a common theme that applies to a number of people, or there may be individual cases with their own issues. These are the people that you have given a part of yourself away to.   You may also have absorbed a part of them into your energy field. 

Then, make a list of the people involved on a piece of paper.  This list may end up being quite long.  I highly recommend that you go back in time as far as you can remember to include childhood friends, teachers and significant mentors.  Also keep in mind that just because the person in question is deceased doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t show up on your list.  I have helped clients sort this out with deceased parents in particular, as energy does not automatically get returned to you when the other party dies. 

Now, work with each person on your list one by one.  See an image of them standing in front of you.  Set your intent to see or perceive your energy that they may have in their energy field.  When I do this, I look for a glowing blob of energy in their body, as this indicates energy that is yours and not theirs. 

I then let them know that I am there to take back what is mine.  If the other person indicates resistance, you are within your rights to demand that you get your energy back and proceed anyway. Stretch your energetic arms over to the other person and reach into their energy body and gather up the glowing blob of the energy that belongs to you.  Then pull it out of their body.  Thank the other person for the interactions and lessons learned. 

As you retract your energetic arms that are now holding your energy, pull that energy through a gold mesh screen to clear the other person’s energetic signature off of it.  You do not want to bring that foreign signature into your body.  After cleaning up your energy, squish it into your own body in any place that feels appropriate to you.  Welcome it home! 

As an extra step here, if you feel that you have taken in any of the other person’s energy, positive or negative, now is the time to gather it up out of your body with your hands, pull your energetic signature off of it, and send it back.  This can actually be done at any time during an interaction with any person if you feel that you have been dumped on.  It has been a long time since I have been on the receiving end of this behavior, but back when this would occasionally happen, I would wait until I was out of sight of the person in question, gather up the houcha, and throw it back as hard as I could.  Return to sender.  On some level, they always got the message! 

Do not feel that you have to go through your list all in one sitting.  Check off the people in question as you sort out your energies so that you do not lose track of them.  Add others as needed. This can be quite a project, but a very fulfilling one indeed.  Remember that you are “re-membering” yourself and coming back to wholeness and autonomy.  Good luck! 

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  1. Advice I am sure to follow through on tonight before my evening meditation. Thankyou.