March 21, 2014

Ancient Connections

Happy Spring everyone!  Last night, a good friend of mine came over to participate in a shamanic fire ceremony marking the Vernal Equinox.  What a magical night it was.  The weather was perfect with some clouds and very little breeze. 

Blessings for our Mother Earth and Father Sun are always included in the ceremony.  Each person then has the opportunity to place into the fire their release and positive outcome for any issue that they have been working on.  This is in the form of a spirit arrow—a stick decorated with flowers and ribbons that is energized with the intent of the participant. 

As the shaman and leader of the ceremony, I always put a group spirit arrow into the fire to really amp up the energy for the group as a whole.  Since there were only 2 of us in attendance last night, I made a general intent to include those evolving and re-membering souls who weren’t there. 

At the point when all of the spirit arrows have been put into the fire, we always stand in silence to honor all of the spirits and elementals who are also participating.  As I got a sense for those who were there, I found that we were surrounded by the energy of the Ancient Ones.  I do not know what else to call them.  These are the aspects of each one of us who planned and created the Great Arena of the 4th dimension.  These are also the ones who will be graduating from this arena very soon.   

The amazing thing was that I could see connections forming from one to the next to the next, creating a loose webby structure that united us all.  I do not like to call this a matrix because of the connection this term has with the synthetic creations.  This loose structure was nevertheless creating a group body of energy, communication and mutual support for people of like mind and mutual destiny.  As of now, I suspect that this is mostly happening on the inner planes and in dreamtime. 

After our ceremony was finished and all the rest of last night, I could feel my body vibrating with the new energetic changes that were still coming in.  I have vague memories of participating in long ago council meetings with other Ancient Ones.  There are also memories of what it felt like to be in heart centered communion with others whom I haven’t seen in eons.  Now I know that we are still connected in some fashion and that we will meet up again at some point in the future. 

For those of you who have always felt that you are alone in this world and yet are doing a yeoman’s share of the work for the rest of humanity, let me assure you that you are not indeed alone.  That also goes for those of you who feel bone tired from time to time.  There are others out there feeling the same thing.  Perhaps you feel like you have packed several lifetimes into this one and couldn’t be more done with it all.  You are one of the Ancient Ones who created this arena and will lead the way out of it.  That is a tough job but very fulfilling at the same time.  I know that I wouldn’t trade it for anything! 

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