March 23, 2014

Soul Contract Removal

Here is something that you may be interested in.  I was checking out Andrew Bartzis’ web site a few days ago, and found a very nice file on Soul Contract Removal.  He had this information on his previous site, but this version is more complete.  Go to the Resources tab and then click on the Soul Contract Removal link.  I printed my copy out to have for frequent review when needed.
The phrases in this document are designed to start the release process for the soul contracts that have been inserted with the purpose of maintaining the system of domination and control that we all now live in.  These contracts are from the synthetic universe, and by releasing them, we can go back to our organic path. 

Just by reading through this information once, you will get a good idea about how our personal autonomy and energy has been usurped by the powers that be.  Andrew lists 5 areas of Soul Contract Removal here.  They are with the media systems, the banking systems, the government, and distorted contracts in relation to our Divine Male and Divine Female embodiments.  Some of this will curl your hair! 
If you have not seen the interviews Andrew did with Lance White last year, they are well worth a look see, and will explain more of the basis for the contract removal.  To see them, go to the Galactic History web site.  We all owe it to ourselves to pursue information that will further our awakening process. Time to take back what is yours at last! 

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