October 7, 2013

October Launch

Our launching group got together yesterday for our regular activities.  We always spend some time catching up and discussing what’s going on energetically in the world before getting down to the actual launch.  We have also noticed that in the last few months’ launchings, we seem to be moving forward faster in the types of experiences we are having in addition to the quality of energy we are accessing. 

I launched at the end of the lineup and got to observe what was going on with everyone else as they were “out there”.  Usually, we all try to track what the launchee is experiencing and compare notes afterwards, but this time, I noticed a lot going on with each person’s physical body.  It looked a little bit different for each person, but my distinct impression was that we were all being healed, repatterned, downloaded or upgraded with higher dimensional codes and information.  I had never seen that before with our group.  This is yet another sign that we (humanity) are being prepared for the upcoming leap in consciousness evolution. 

The other launchers also checked each other's Luminous Energy Fields before and after the launch and found that not only were they more dissolved than they had been at our last launching, but they had dissolved even more when tested at the end of yesterday’s launch.  This is a slow process compared to my LEF break up in Egypt last year, but it is happening all the same. 

As always, each person should have an intent for their launch.  Mine was to access energy and information that would serve me in the acceleration to come.  As I was expanding upwards after being launched by the group I sensed the presence of other beings accompanying me.  They felt like aspects of myself, or my oversoul, and became more numerous as we went along.  Then at some point, we all merged into a single body of light. 

I then found my conscious essence inside the Aperture that I wrote about in the Great Emitter post.  This journey really linked in and proceeded from where I left off at TMI!  This also shows you what you can do if you put some sort of marker at a location that you would like to visit again.  It’s much easier to go right there if you have a map!
The “Godhead” or Creator Being of our universe was in the Aperture waiting for me.  Time for the launch must have been growing short, as the Creator simply handed me a glass of a very interesting blue liquid which I drank shortly before the call back process began and I returned to my body.  The blue color is so hard to describe even though it keeps coming up in various ways in my journeys.  It is a pale electric blue which has movement, sparkle and depth, and is very multidimensional at the same time.  If I ever find a good representation of it, I will post it.  There may be a lava lamp out there that has that particular blue in it.

After coming back, I was launched again, and this time went immediately back to the Aperture.  In that space there was now a large clear glass tank filled with the blue energy.  The Creator invited me to get in, and I just passed through the wall of the tank and immersed myself in that cosmic blue liquid.  It permeated every bit of my consciousness.  Then the Creator stepped towards me, floated through the side of the container and merged with me.  I became that being, the part of me that has generated all of my embodiments throughout all of the dimensions below that one.  Once again I had the sensation of being in 2 places at once—the “I here” on planet earth and the “I there” that resides in the Aperture. 

I could feel my body in the physical vibrating as I absorbed the patterning of the blue energy.  I was told that this imprinting holds the codes for the creation and the maintaining of form for of all the planets, stars, galaxies and everything else in our universe.  That makes perfect sense.  If we all have an aspect of ourselves at the Universal Creator level, we all hold those codes.  All we have to do is re-member that information and then own it and be it.  A tall order for some, but to complete our experiences here, ascend and eventually exit this universe, it is a necessary step. 

In addition to all of this, I saw that there is a creator being that is managing the multiverse, which is made up of many universes.  At some point in our evolution, an impulse will come from this being, through the Aperture and into this universe and all of the other universes at the same time.  What this will do and when this will happen, I haven’t a clue.  I then exited the blue energy tank and started the return to my body even before I heard the call back signal from the group. 

It is interesting to note that I have had a low grade slightly annoying headache since the launch and didn’t sleep well last night.  The headache is very unusual for me, and I can only surmise that this is a symptom of the integration from the launch.  I am now off to Zumba class to work it off!  Exercise always helps in the integration process. 


  1. Carla, I know the BLUE you are speaking of. I think of it as the amniotic fluid of the soul. It's been called the Water of Life, the Fountain of Youth, and many other names. You might find that color in some of those noctolucent cloud images that spaceweather.com has posted!

  2. Great information, Cassandra! I will check out some cosmic photos for that living blue hue. Once APOD is back on line, I bet there would be some great images there, too.