September 20, 2013

The Great Emitter

This is the third and final post on my experiences at the Monroe Institute’s Starlines II class which I attended last week.  As I had previously mentioned, the way one builds upon the knowledge and understandings throughout all of the core classes is to build upon the previous exercises.  As of now, no new core courses are available past the Starlines II class, so the last few journeys that we took made use of the highest focus levels and were the most expansive of any that we had taken up to that point.  We also had the opportunity to go way beyond the focus levels that were mapped out for us.  The sky was the limit, so to speak! 

In Robert Monroe’s 3RD book “Ultimate Journey”, he describes his out of body journey to what he calls the Great Emitter.  His urge to go “home” was so strong at that point that he was drawn to the place where we all exit this realm of experience when we are complete.  The Emitter radiates an energy that creates the physical reality that we experience.  Beside the Emitter is the Aperture that is the exit point from this reality.  What is on the other side may be undetermined at this point.  Some may have passed through that Aperture, but they have undoubtedly moved on to other adventures.

One can follow a steady stream of consciousness flowing back to the Emitter, and I assume, going back through the Aperture.  Monroe was in this stream but was stopped from going through.  He was told that he was “incomplete” and had not gathered up all of his various aspects.  This is the wholeness that we all strive for as we evolve energetically and spiritually.  This is the whole that is greater than its parts.  Monroe was turned back at this point and luckily so for him, as he wrote that his body had started going into shock because he was disconnected from it for so long and for so far a journey.

Several of the exercises towards the end of the Starlines II class guided us, to the best of each student’s ability, to go through the core of the Milky Way Galaxy and on to the Great Emitter.  We had targeted the Emitter in the previous class, but this time it was possible to make more progress in finding it.  I had seen it last time, but just barely got there.  I was pretty excited at the prospect of finding it again.

This time, I realized that I would need more speed to get to my destination, so I very energetically propelled myself through the galactic core and once again experienced the familiar cleansing and clearing.  Upon popping out the other side, I saw and felt other units of consciousness who were pretty much in the same clarified state as I was.  As we drifted along in the same direction, I took one look back to see what the other side of the Stargate Milky Way looked like, and was astonished to be looking back into empty space.  There was nothing there!  What if I couldn’t find my way back?  I could be in some big trouble here.  (Never mind!)

Very shortly after that I saw the Great Emitter up ahead, beckoning me/us forward.  It looked like a shining focused beacon of light so bright that it outshone any star.  I had encountered it in a previous class, but now I was determined to get right up to it.  I increased my velocity a bit but then blew right past it!  If this was supposed to be the end of the line, I had just bypassed my stop.  Oh well!

I then went through a zone that looked like vertical wavy lines of energy that were like curtains.  As I passed through this zone, a voice shouted out “What are you doing here?”  I ignored it and kept on going.  We as the individual consciousnesses kept merging, separating and flowing as we continued on our way.  What fun we were having. There was also a fairly substantial zone of glowing blue/gray energy that was delightful to play in with the others. 

Another much larger glowing orifice of energy presented itself up ahead.  As I/we approached, I could see that it was a stargate or portal into which the consciousnesses were streaming.  Just before entering, I planted a sign with “F300” on it so that I could find this place again. 

At this point, I was entering a brand new territory, one that was never covered by any of the information at the Monroe Institute.  Here are my impressions.  I was greeted by a being that I assumed was the Godhead of our universe.  If this was indeed the case, then this must be the gathering place and exit point for all of us once we are complete with our experiences here.  Is this the Aperture that Monroe talked about?  Perhaps. 

Once inside this stargate, I could sense and feel that I was in a big particle accelerator that was increasing my vibration even further.  I was welcomed home and felt the true joy and contentment at finally arriving.  I labeled this the “Great Gathering Place”, and it struck me how much this whole set up was like the Stargate Milky Way, but on a much grander scale.  I am also assuming that another big dimensional shift would occur here, hence the acceleration that was being created. 

There was just a short time to wander around.  The inner structure was like a series of many rooms filled with consciousness units, all in glowing white.  What the purpose of this was, I don’t know.  Perhaps waiting rooms for the early arrivals?

Then an all too familiar message was given to me.  It was the same one that I had gotten in the chemistry lab of the galactic core.  I have an aspect that is the Godhead and that is that part of me that stayed behind when I continued on my journey to experience the realms of the dimensions below that one.  That aspect of me is waiting for our final reunion and merging before it/we will exit this universe.  I am the creator and the creation all at the same time, all of the time, in and outside of time.  Sound familiar?  Well, it should, because YOU ARE TOO! 

Unfortunately at this point, all of the students were being called back from this journey by the voice of our TMI guide.  I had gotten out so far that it was a scramble to keep up with the guided instructions taking us back to physical waking consciousness.  In super fast fashion I went back through all of the energy zones in the reverse order, zipped past the Great Emitter, and then started looking for the back side of the stargate of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Like magic, a huge vertical lightning bolt appeared and then opened up in the shape of an elongated diamond.  Voila!  There was the stargate.  I popped through and made my way back to physical conscious awareness.  What a trip!

Now, I am in no way saying, or at least I don’t think I am, that one can actually exit this creation via a journey in conscious awareness as I have just described.  Robert Monroe visited these locations in an out of body state, which is a bit different.  What I am doing is experiencing many of the potential possibilities and creating the road map for how to get there once the time is right.  Your map may be different. I do know that the more often one travels into these realms, the better prepared one will be once the time of transition arrives.  What a joyful time that will finally be! 


  1. i love and greatly appreciate your conviction.i was researching the north and south apertures of our planet when i recalled Robert having mentionex an aperture in his chronicles. thanks for relating your experience.

  2. "and there it is.. the emitter! no, there was no big bang... it came from the emitter... the creation of the hologram... and there it is, the return flow off to one side...a cycle... a closed loop...a circle! now i know"

    What does he mean by a cycle, a closed loop, a circle?
    i know he is connecting it with the emitter, but im trying to picture this in my minds eye.

    i haven't been able to have an OBE, and i am working on an art piece, i was hoping to find something in this book to work with.

    Can you explain? Is he talking about the flower of life somehow?
    please respond, i don't know where else to go to to talk about this.

  3. It might be better to ask your questions of someone on the staff at the Monroe Institute. There are several there who worked directly with Robert Monroe when he was creating his programs. They might be able to give you some additional information.

  4. well it's okay I'll see if they respond. I read your entry again and it's really interesting and entertaining. Can i ask, Why F300? and have you been back there?

    . " I am the creator and the creation all at the same time, all of the time, in and outside of time. Sound familiar? Well, it should, because YOU ARE TOO! "
    I love that =] I look forward in reading more when i get a chance.