June 15, 2022

Travel Karma

Yesterday I found out that the trip that I had been going on next week has been canceled.  This is the 3rd out of 3 major trips this year that have been canceled, each for a different reason.  Next week’s trip was to take me to Yellowstone National Park.  If you have watched the news, you would have seen that the area has been devastated by heavy rains and flooding from melting snow pack.  If my trip had been scheduled for this week, I would have been stranded there, somewhere. 

My travel situation was briefly frustrating, mainly because I had to cancel several arrangements I had made for the trip, but in actuality, I was not in the least bit upset.  My spiritual philosophy is that when one door closes, another one opens.  In fact, several activities for next week have already manifested. 

“Go with the flow and stay in the now is” another great philosophy to live by.  How can I miss or regret something that I haven’t experienced yet, like the trip? 

Now, there is the other issue of things coming in 3’s.  Like deaths.  Superstition, perhaps?  Or have I just had a string of bad travel luck.  Certainly I have been able to take several 2 or 3 day trips around Utah, and a wonderful 5 day trip down to Las Vegas in May.  Or am I just not to be flying anywhere in a plane?  There must be a message there but I am not getting it. 

So I will stay in the now moment as best as I can, and take things as they come.  What I truly need will always be provided! 

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