November 8, 2021

Energy Vampires

This is a pertinent topic, as I am dealing with an energy vampire right now, and have been for some time.  Fortunately, this is not in person, as that would be much more problematic.  It is via the internet.  I am also a member of George Kavassilas’ community, and after one of his presentations, I see how the energy vampires in his group come out of the woodwork to grab onto his energy during the Q & A. 

So what is an energy vampire?  This is a person who looks to other people to feed them energy.  Most often this is an unconscious need that needs to be fulfilled.  They do this automatically.  There is an empty place within them that needs to be filled up.  There is also a category called a psychic vampire.  These are people who carry on like this on a conscious level. 

What causes this empty place?  In almost every case, the issue comes from very early childhood when their basic needs for love, attention, and nourishment were not fulfilled, mainly by mother.  They have a void that in actuality can never be filled up by another person.  Imagine going through life constantly searching for satisfaction, and never being satisfied. 

How do you know if you have been vampirized?  Is someone pestering you with endless questions, comments, or advice?  After an interaction with someone, do you feel drained and fatigued?  Is the person in question bent on distracting you often?  If you are distracted, your energy can be stolen easier.  On the other hand, since there are no victims, you are actually colluding with the vampire to take your energy.  This may also be through obligation with relatives or loved ones.  There can be a fear that if you do not allow this to happen, you will be disconnected from the loved one. 

So what to do?  The most important strategy that you can use is to not engage with the energy vampire.  It is important to disconnect.  Hopefully, they will realize that they cannot get what they need from you, and move on to greener pastures.  Sometimes the other person will get angry because you have cut off their energy flow.  So be it! 

Being a student of human behavior, I happen to be very sensitive to this energy dynamic.  Through years of working on the issue of being energetically available to my mother for example, I have learned to hold my boundaries.  She was not very happy about that! 

So I leave it up to each of you to determine if this is an energy dynamic that is going on in your life.  Are you the vampire?  Are you being sucked on?  It’s up to you to determine!

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