November 14, 2021

Another Big Straw

In the last day or so, I have been seeing a mental image of planet earth with an energetic dome above it.  At the top of this dome is another big straw!  Energy is being harvested from the earth’s energy field by off planet beings.  Many humans are also siphoning energy off of each other, but this is happening on a much larger scale.    “As above, so below.”  Occasionally, I have detected this kind of thing going on with a client.  Off planet beings are sucking their energy, usually from the top of their heads. 

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from a neighbor explaining why she would not be attending our subdivision’s monthly ladies luncheon.  She is afraid of catching Covid from one of us, even though the cases in our area are minimal.  She even included a link to statements that Bill Gates had said about Covid and vaccinations.  BTW, I am not a fan, and I didn’t open the link.

Much is publicized about the virus, in the news media, by so called medical and scientific experts, and from many alternative sources.  What do they have in common?  They all generate fear.  Aha!  Is this what is providing the energy that is being siphoned off of our planet’s energy field?  I think so. 

Even the most well intentioned people in the know cannot help but do this.  Helpful information is hard to find.  Why would this be?  Fear as a pattern must be built into the energy of the Covid. 

I have long known that off planet forces feed off of our fear.  Fear also weakens us and puts us in a vulnerable position in many ways.  A fearful person or population is easier to control.  It also damages our immune system, the very system that we need to maintain to stay healthy. 

Remember that a sense of safety is internal.  Safety is not created via external circumstances.  Do you want to be generating the fear that others use to control you and use you?  Of course not.  Creating inner safety is the answer.  If you feel fear coming up, the first thing to do is to ground yourself into the heart of Mother Earth.  She is our nurturer and protector.  Then proceed to mother yourself.  Embrace your inner baby and inner child.  Create a zone of safety for them.  This might be hard for those of you who did not get that from your birth mother from the beginning. Time for you to step up and create what you did not have at the start of your life. 

The goal is for you to embody courage instead of fear.  Starve those who would control you!  Do not feed them your fear!  If you are exposed to some information that generates fear, go within immediately and settle your self down.  Take a deep breath.  It may take some time to get the hang of it, but it can be done.  


  1. This post really resonates with me. The people at my workplace have become so incredibly negative lately. Today 2 guys were talking about how those scandolous unvaccinated people should be locked up in prison, should pay fines of 600 euros and should suffer the pains of having 3 vaccinations right after each other. I try to avoid engaging with these people as much as possible and I know I should try not to let it get to me, because then my angry feelings are harvested too but I can't help but being really disgusted at their fascist, Hitler-like ideas.

  2. Just tell yourself that this is an off planet agenda. Recognizing that often gets you out of whatever drama may be happening around you. Then take a step back and just observe!