September 5, 2021

Ponder This

I have been reading a book entitled “Ancient Peoples of the Great Basin and Colorado Plateau” by Steven R. Simms.  When I lived in the 4 Corners region of Colorado, the ancient people that lived there were the Ancestral Puebloans.  Here in Utah, we had the Fremont Indians, who had very different dwellings and rock art in particular, so I am studying up on those ancient peoples. 

In addition to the description of all of the ancient ones who occupied this land, Simms goes into great detail about the climate here, going back to 13,000 years ago.   The earth was coming out of the last ice age at that time, and there were extremely erratic swings of temperature and precipitation back then.  It was so extreme that there were major changes in the flora and fauna which caused the small populations of the hunter gatherer people to have to routinely relocate to find food. 

The reason I bring this up is related to what we are currently calling climate change.  They had plenty of that going on back then, and clearly it was not caused by human activity, as is the theory now.  In fact, it has been definitively proven that the CO2 in air pollution does not change the weather/climate at all.  Not that air pollution is a good thing, but all of the green plants on the planet do need the CO2 to grow and thrive. 

So what is happening?  If you look at things from a spiritual perspective, I believe that our Earth Mother is in her ascension/expansion process.  She is raising her vibration in order to transition into a new higher dimensional form.  The center of the planet is being energetically stimulated, and in turn, that is affecting the climate on the surface. 

Where is this stimulation coming from?  Certainly from our Sun, as there have been changes with other planets in our solar system, namely Mars with the melting ice caps, and the shifting in Jupiter’s swirling clouds. 

How is the sun being stimulated in turn?  Especially since it may also be going through this process and is affecting the rest of the solar system?  I do believe that we are all being subject to perhaps cosmic rays or energy coming from the center of our Great Mother, the Milky Way Galaxy that is causing this massive shift in vibration. 

That brings me to my other topic, the COVID pan hysteria.  Granted that there is no doubt that people are getting sick and dying, but if you look at the total numbers, it is a minute percentage of the total population on our planet.  There have also been other pandemics since the 1918 Spanish Flu that is frequently referred back to.  No hysteria around those other events! 

I do a lot of work with the death process, and know that everyone has built into their life plan (that was created before we entered our current life time), a number of exit points.  Our final passing of time and method is chosen by our Soul and Higher Self, but we are not forced to remain in a body up until the last minute if the body cannot sustain itself for a variety of reasons.  So the people who have gotten very sick with the virus but have survived have hit one of their exit points.  These exit points come closer and closer together as one heads towards their final exit, too. 

Now to the spiritual perspective.  One theory that I have been kicking around this week has to do with tying the earth’s ascension process into the COVID pandemic.  Maybe there is no tie-in, but let’s see. 

If the earth is raising her vibration, all life in and on her surface must do that, too.  If one cannot keep up energetically with that accelerating vibration, physical death will be the result.  There will be extinction of some species, but I am assuming that there will be a birthing of some new ones, too.  I am including a die off of part of the human race that cannot keep up.  Hence the pandemic.  We may have a natural culling of the herd at work.  Again, there are no victims here, as each person is totally in charge of their time, place, and method of death.  On the other hand, we are birthing a new and higher vibrating human that is autonomous and independent.  Those who fancy that they are in charge of us are not happy about that at all. 

Are the “powers that be” taking advantage of this situation?  Of course they are.  Do they know what is happening?  Probably so.  I am referring to the pharmaceutical/political/ financial institutions and also any off planet influences on these mega “corporations”.  All of the hysteria about the climate and COVID and the vaccines is driven by these institutions via the mass media.  It is designed to throw you into fear so that you can be easily controlled. 

What can you do about this?  Limit your exposure to the news, do your spiritual work, and keep your immune system in tip top shape.  Do not buy into the hysteria and the agendas.  Go within to discern your truth about these matters.  My version may not be your version.  There is a lot more that I can say about this, but I will finish for now.  It is Labor Day weekend here in the US.  Time for me to take some time off!

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