August 27, 2021

Switching Gears


Today I am breathing a sigh of relief and feeling a new freedom, because a number of activities that I have been engaged in this summer so far have come to an end.  Interesting that I am usually busy, but now I can feel a definite difference in my vibration.  I feel lighter! 

Yesterday was the last Associate Remote Viewing target that I completed for a research project that I was involved in for 3 months.  A group of 10 people worked 13 targets, and the goal was to see if ARV was successful in predicting the outcomes of horse races.  Lots of fun!  Last night was also the final class in my 5 week locally taught series entitled “Exploring Consciousness and Spirituality”.  It was so much fun getting back into teaching again.  Several of the students also expressed an interest in getting together for a live launching in the future.  That would be really great!  I already have my online group, so that would mean I would be launching twice a month. 

This morning I hiked the high elevation trail where I had been finding all of the mushrooms this past month.  There were few to harvest today, so the mushroom season is finished, too.  I can’t imagine that I missed them last year.  Either there weren’t any, as mushrooms tend to come and go depending on a lot of factors, or I just wasn’t on that trail last July and August.  I have dried a lot of the shrooms, and I will have fond memories of "hunting" them when I eat them.

To top it all off, yesterday morning my dear friend Greta left to drive back to Phoenix after staying with me for 4 days.   I have had other visitors here, but she is the first one to actually stay in my house.  I met Greta in 2000 at our shamanic training with the Four Winds Society.  We were paired up at random as roommates, and have been good friends ever since. 

We spent her time here hiking in the high elevations and at Cedar Breaks, going out to the Parowan Gap to look at the rock art, and attending the Utah Shakespeare Festival.   Very busy and lots of fun.  The photo at the top of this post is of the Parry’s gentian that we saw on the Aspen Pond Trail at Cedar Breaks.  It is quite common in the mountains of Colorado, but extremely rare in Utah.  What a way for Greta to top off her visit here! 

So now I feel like an empty nester.  Projects finished and my visitor gone.  Time to take a big long nap! 

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