June 29, 2021

A Beautiful Day

Yesterday morning, I drove up to Cedar Breaks National Monument to do some hiking and wildflower photography.  We had rain predicted for the afternoon, and also for much of the week here, and I wanted to avoid getting wet!  I was amazed and astounded at the bounty of blooming flowers that I saw, in spite of our dry weather.  Below is a sampling of what I saw, including lupines, penstemon, osha, and monument plants, to name a few. 

But the big thrill was at another location that my botany friend Matt had recommended.  I drove directly east from Cedar Breaks to a spot part of the way over to Panguich Lake.  I wasn’t sure I had the right spot, as Matt had mentioned a hillside that was in full bloom with ???, but I didn’t find that.  Perhaps the flowers that he was referring to were finished for the season. 

Instead, I parked at the side of the road near where Mammoth Creek crosses under.  I was pretty sure that was the place he was referring to. 

Below is what that area looks like.  It is kind of barren and at 10,000 feet, it is very cold during the winter months. 

There was a small informational sign in the scruff near the road describing how the early settlers of Cedar City passed that way hauling lumber from near Panguich Lake into Cedar City to build their first official public school.  Via a mandate by the state legislature, this was done in the winter of 1898, as the school had to be completed by that next fall.  Another testament to the strength and determination of those early settlers. 

So, not finding the blooming hillside, I started walking along Mammoth Creek. 

My favorite places to explore in the higher elevations are creeks, as they are ecosystems that are usually unique to their area.  What I found reminded me of the San Juan Mountains in SW Colorado.  I discovered yellow monkey flowers, elephant heads, shooting stars, veronica, bistort, and a beautiful purple alpine violet.

But the big treat was yet another orchid!  Here is a bog orchid that was growing in a few places along the creek that had been wetter in the spring.  Huron Bog Orchid.

I always like to relate my personal experiences to the spiritual path.  If you go through life immersed in what the Native Americans call “The Beauty Way”, you will always find beauty around you.  Especially when you are outside.  Be it and you will attract it.  Communication with nature will also raise your vibration.  BTW—I have been calling in the rain since the Solstice last week, and we have been having some.  Cooler temps, too. 

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