April 15, 2021

All the Aspects of You

Earlier today, I was sitting in contemplation, and as I was, a whole series of potential occupations for this lifetime filtered through my thoughts.  These possibilities had come up at various times before.  I started out in college as a math major, and then switched to the dental field.  After my divorce, I started my career as a shamanic practitioner and a healer. 

The potential occupations that I would have been good at that filtered through included accountant, chiropractor, crime scene investigator, CFO, botanist, fashion designer, and photographer among others.  I took some time to connect with several of these, and pictured and felt myself living a very different life than the one that I ended up with.

On the other hand, I have never had any desire to do anything other than what was presented to me in this lifetime.  I also had the feeling that my other selves were living lives engaged in these various activities at the same time that I was focused on the here and now.  I do not know if you would call these parallel realities or dimensions, or even parallel universes.  Also, from a higher viewpoint, all of these realities are happening at the same time. 

So if you want to experience an interesting exercise, sit quietly in meditation and ask for one of your alternate realities to be shown to you.  Once you get a good handle on it, just pop in as if you were really there and enjoy the sights, sounds and physical sensations.  You do not even have to use the theme that I described here regarding alternate occupations.  Years ago, I was in the habit of popping into a reality where I was married with a small child.  While I was walking along one particular hiking trail, I actually could feel my husband walking with me with our child between us.  I know that that reality existed somewhere. 

I think that this would be a great exercise to try if you are suffering from some illness and want to experience yourself in perfect health.  Make a connection with the healthy you that exists in a different reality.  Spend some time and really get into it. 

Now, we may also be talking about time travel, jumping from one reality to the next, bi-location, and all sorts of fun stuff.  I firmly believe that we humans have those abilities hidden inside of us somewhere.  Perhaps in genes that have been turned off?  So I’ve presented something here that you can play around with.  See what happens!


  1. Thanks,Carla! Sounds like fun. Hope you are well. Just catching up on all your posts.