February 16, 2016

Reflections on the Shadow

My latest workshop for Rise Multiversity was this past Saturday, and the theme was “Bringing Your Shadow to Light”.  Everything went very well, but the theme of our shadow nature has been “shadowing” me so to speak ever since.  Of course, I have known about the teachings around this for many years, but somehow talking about it again has enhanced my awareness that it exists. 

All of this actually started last week as I was preparing for the workshop.  As you all know, we live in the realms of polarity where everything has an opposite to serve as a balance.  Picture a ping pong game in progress, with the small white ball bouncing back and forth as the players hit it over the net.  The ping pong table represents any issue or theme, and that issue has a range from positive to negative, or pros and cons with the net representing the middle and neutral position of that issue.  Sometimes the ball bounces from end to end of the table, and sometimes it hits the table much closer to the net.  The stronger the issue, the wider the distance from end to end of the table. 

Last week I became acutely aware of the game of life involving this bouncing back and forth.  To evolve, both ends of the polarity must be dealt with.  Ideally, that middle neutral place should be achieved.  For some reason, and it could be our ongoing acceleration, I felt that I was that ping pong ball.  Life wasn’t any busier than usual, but it felt like some part of me was dealing with a lot of energy that was frantically bouncing back and forth trying to find that middle ground.  If I am feeling this, others may also be feeling it, too.    

For those of you who attended the workshop, you know that on the energetic spectrum of any issue, one end of it is always hidden in our shadow.  It’s as if one half of the ping pong table is invisible, and all you see is your ball going over the net after you have hit it, and then seeing it pop into physical view once it clears the net on its way back to you.  You do not know who hit it, how the ball was hit, and at what angle and speed it is coming back.  You just do your best to hit it back and then wait for the return shot.  Is this where the term “a shot in the dark” comes from?  ;-) 

As it is said that you can’t unring a bell after it is rung, and once you know about your shadow and really get the concept, it seems to be always there, lurking around.  So now, I feel like I am tethered to my shadow 24/7.  Not that it has suddenly appeared, as it was always been there, but my awareness levels seem to have gone up.  Since leading the group on Saturday through 2 shadow work exercises, it is more present than ever.   So now I am being pressed to look at both ends of any issue that comes up so as to come to the healed center point, whereas previously, I only dealt with the dysfunction.  

No wonder people tend to stuff their stuff so as not to have to deal with it!  This can be hard work and not for the faint of heart.  That familiar bone weary feeling has been coming up lately, too.  I am also sure that the very sensitive and empathic ones on this planet can have a really hard time of it, as they tend to take on more than their share of stuff.  Now, I don’t know if everything that I am writing about today is just me, or if it is a phenomenon happening to many people.  If it is the later, we may have entered a new phase of our evolution as humanity.  This could be another symptom of the acceleration.  It is do or die time, and everything from the conscious to the shadow needs to be cleaned up in a hurry.  We can't allow anything to hold us back. 

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