March 21, 2016

Source Infusion

Yesterday, the day after the Vernal Equinox ceremony, we had a launching to take advantage of the high energy of the weekend.  We had the usual launchers here in addition to my friend and student Valentina and a friend of hers.  It was clear that we were surfing the positive energy that was generated the night before, and the whole process went very smoothly.

As I have stated before, everyone needs an intent for their launching.  Since I had nothing unusual in particular to investigate, I used a theme that I have used before.  It was “What does my exit from this reality look like?”  When I was then launched, the journey went really fast. I immediately found myself being propelled through the Great Void between the 4th and 5th dimensions.  On to and through the stargate Milky Way, and then through the exit point of our universe, and out into the multiverse.  I heard a brief bit of advice at that point, that once I had left our universe the final time, that portal or door would be shut to me permanently and I would not be able to return.  Now that was a new piece of information that I had never heard before. 

I then found myself in the location that I call home.  You can read about my first journey there in my post “Going Home”.  What a tranquil place to rest a bit!  When I started my journey back is when things really got interesting.  As I was returning to my body using the same route I had taken on my journey outbound, I was pulling that source/home energy back with me.  That had never happened before. A pretty wide tube had opened up connecting home to my 3D reality here, and that lovely glowing caramel colored energy was pouring through that tube.  The last thing that happened was that this energy really expanded bigtime when it reached my current location.  Most of the launchers felt this expansion, too. 

The implications of this new energy flow are yet to be determined.  What does this mean?  Can we all bring this source energy into our waking 3D reality on a regular basis?  If so, what can we do with it?  What effect will it have on our lives, those closest to us, humanity or the planet?  Will it accelerate our spiritual evolution?  I do not have any answers right now, as this is still too new to even contemplate. 

Here is another very new tidbit that came in when our fellow launcher Kathleen made her journey.  She encountered an energy field that was very sparkly and had ribbons of many colors swirling around in it.  She said that it was extremely attractive.  When she went closer thinking that she would enter that energy field to explore, she got a definite “no” from her inner guidance.  Upon closer inspection, she could see that this energy field was encased in a clear membrane or container. Whoops!  Was this another type of entrapment that we need to be wary of after we have left the physical form for good?  I suggested that this might be one of the synthetic creations that float around in the 4th dimension, waiting to absorb the unwary traveler. 

Anyway, the mapping continues.  Just when I think that we have a handle on things, something new shows up.  Expect the unexpected in all ways and in all realms!

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