September 13, 2015

Energy Vortex

I hosted our launching group today.  Overnight last night for us in the US, there was a solar eclipse that occurred over South Africa and Antarctica.  Today, Sunday, we were still within that energetic window, and I could feel the power and potency of the opportunity given to us to disconnect from the old and move forward with something new.  As I have said before, within our group each individual has their own intent for their journey, but we as a group also tie our pieces into a unified theme.  Today, it seemed that each was working with the theme of holding a higher energetic space for themselves in their work place and in their spiritual practice.

I chose to delve deeper into the vortex of energy that I had detected at Lake Titicaca, which is on the border between Bolivia and Peru.  As I mentioned in the previous post, I had already been tuning in to this energy, and I will actually be there in a week.  This is highly unusual for me, as I normally do not tune into a location until I am feet planted on the spot.  There must be something significant waiting for our travel group, otherwise this would not be happening. 

Anyway, during my first journey, I did my best to scope out the situation.  This is what I found.  The huge vortex of energy centered in Lake Titicaca actually extends out past the lake in all directions.  This makes sense as in ancient times, this lake was much bigger, perhaps extending all the way to Tiwanaku in Bolivia, 12 miles away.  The vortex took the shape of a wide tube.  It was pretty clear that one end of it originated in the center of the earth.  The other end was anchored into the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  This whole set up reminded me of the Mayan concept of the Serpent Rope. 

In addition to this, the vortex went right through the great void or membrane that separates the 4th dimension from the 5th.  It most likely serves as a corridor by which one can travel directly to the Stargate Milky Way, thus bypassing a lot of the distractions that one can encounter between our dimension and 9D.  The interesting thing is that there are many people currently living within this vortex.  Does that mean that they can travel back and forth at will and are doing so now?  I don’t think so, but maybe some can.  It would still take a certain amount of awareness, vibrational clarity and strong intent to do so.

During my second journey, I chose a shorter time frame and went directly into this vortex and hung out there.  It looked and felt like I was floating in a heavily carbonated beverage, solidly packed with vibrantly moving and shifting bubbles.  From inside, I did not detect the “linear” tube shape that is visible from the outside.  Instead it was more of an expansive spherical energy state.  Fascinating! 

The message here was that if one applied a strong and clear intent while in this state, one’s energy would definitely shift.  During my second journey, I did just that, intending to clear karma with a short list of people that I needed to come to completion with.   When one holds a higher and clearer vibration, or if one is in an environment where this is easier, that intent is more powerful.  There are high energy places all over the world, and very possibly near where you live.  Use these energy vortexes to boost your own energy field so that you can work your stuff quicker and more efficiently when there.  The next step is to become one of these vortexes in your own right, but that is a story for another time! 

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