May 20, 2015

Portals and Stargates

This is a pretty complicated subject, and I’d like to give an overview here today.  In simple terms, a portal is a doorway.  When one goes through a portal, they experience a shift in time, space and/or dimension.  What is on the other side?  It could be another dimension, location, past or future time, or even a parallel reality.  Here are some examples.

Occasionally I find an active portal in a client’s energy field.  I call these escape hatches, and there is often an inherited genetic ability to open and use these types of portals.  When I encounter them, they look like a headlight from a car shining out from the body.  I often find drug or alcohol addiction, traumatic births, or traumatic or painful events from very early childhood in these clients.  Thus the need to escape the pain of their lives.  This escape takes one into the low levels of the 4th dimension, or astral plane, which still seems to be preferable to the pain or torment that the person is trying to get away from.  The low astral plane is where a whole host of negative beings and ET’s hang out.  The down side is that these portals act as revolving doors that let the dark entities come into the person’s energy field, too, especially at night.  Thus we have cases of night terrors and visitations in the bedroom.

When I send earthbound spirits to the light, I open up the same kind of portal to usher them through.  An excellent book on the subject is “When Ghosts Speak” by Mary Ann Winkowski.  It is a fun read, and I use her methods in dealing with the earthbounds.  Unfortunately, the best I can do for them is to send them through that doorway between the 3rd and 4th dimension, thus putting them back on the wheel of reincarnation.  It is not my place or even right to get them off of that wheel.  That is a matter of their soul’s spiritual evolution. 

Haunted houses can have plenty of portals, the revolving door type, that let spirits into the house from 4D.  If a person living in the house has an active portal in their energy field, the negative spirits can also inhabit that house via the resident’s own portal.  That is why I always do a healing on the person living in the troublesome house before I work on the house.  I do not want the resident to continue to pull that problematic energy back in after the house is healed.

Another related energy formation to the portal is a stargate.  Now others may differ, but here are the differences that I see between the two.  Whereas a portal is a somewhat static structure that tends to open and close like the aperture on a camera lens, a stargate is constantly rotating and takes the form of a torus.  Thus, it is always folding in on itself and popping out the other side and back around while it rotates.  Examples of this are our Milky Way Galaxy, our sun, the core of our earth, the human core essence, and the center of every atom in the body. 

There is also one big difference between a portal and a stargate.  When one goes through a portal, one’s energy form seems to remain intact and does not change, whereas when one goes through a stargate, there is a definite transformation that takes place.  When one goes through the center of Stargate Milky Way into dimensions 10, 11, and 12, there is a harvesting and clarifying that takes place.  When one folds into their own core essence at the end of their sojourn on this planet, we might call that “incension”.  A whole new energy form is the result.  Where we go after that happens will probably be different for each one going through that process according to their individual destiny and plan. 

So the other day I sat down to get information on how to consciously open and make use of a portal.  This is what my higher guidance provided.  First of all, there is the power of intent, in particular the intent to open that portal.  Intent provides a path to the goal.  There is also the secondary intent as far as where you would like to go when you step through your portal.  These intents should be firmly formulated before you start the process.

Secondly, you need to have a strong visual sense of your open portal; how big it is, where it will open up, and what quality of energy will be seen inside it once it opens.  In general, you will be seeing light, as all dimensions above the 3rd show up this way from down here.  When I open the portal to send an earthbound spirit through, that is what it looks like to me.  Like I am staring at the sun.  You need to hold this vision steadily for as long as you are holding the portal open.

Thirdly, there is the matter of force of will and conscious command of your energy field.  Opening a portal is not just a visualization.  You must make use of your own energy to make it happen.  It is an energy movement exercise, as are grounding and expanding your core essence.  It takes “elbow grease”!  That also means that your vibration should also be clear, clean and elevated.  This is divine play at work. 

So these are the basics.  I suspect that as life on planet earth becomes dicier and we are further pushed into possibly desperate situations, more people will come into their own and will start using their latent energetic abilities.  The transformation of the human race through necessity is what I see in our future.   Freedom is the goal here, and if we can pop in and out of a variety of places and situations with ease, the sky is the limit as far as what we can do.   

One last side note, as I was coming to the end of my meditation to gather information on how to open portals, I saw that the energy fields of everyone here are being monitored from off planet.  We are being observed for signs of our impending transformation.  Who is doing this?  I suspect both sides of the groups involved in our evolution as human beings.  When someone either opens up a portal or transitions through a stargate, a signal is sent out, like the igniting of a fuel source.  To me, it looked like a brief flash of light as seen from above the planet’s surface.  Like popcorn starting to pop.  Eventually, lots of popcorn!  How the observers will interpret this and what they will do about it remains to be seen. 

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