May 14, 2015

Latest Tid Bits

I have recently come across several tid bits of information that dovetail nicely with some of the topics that I have written about here.  It is so gratifying for me to see that others are on the same page, and great confirmation, too, that I (and you!) am on the right track with a lot of what I am sensing.

George Kavassilas has recently spoken about the evolution of humanity leading us into a multidimensional state.  You can check out his latest webinars at Rise Multiversity.  The key to being able to live this way is to be aware of ourselves on many higher dimensions while at the same time, being able to live a productive life in the physical arena.   This involves raising one’s vibration and being able to focus in several places at once, including the earthy environment.

Yesterday, I got an e-mail link to Tom Kenyon’s latest article and sound meditation.  He has been on a personal sabbatical this year, so his communications have been few.  This latest message is entitled “The Fifth Perspective, Transcending Space and Time” gives another great explanation on living multidimensionally.  He also writes about the death process, and has offered a very nice sound meditation that is free.  To access this Hathor message, click here.  I highly recommend it. 

I was particularly excited to read about the Hathors’ take on the human energy form as it goes up the dimensional scale.  This is the first time that I have read anything that confirms my experience with this.   Tom and I agree that we hold a human-like form that just keeps getting lighter and less dense up through the 9th dimension.  Once one goes through the dimensional shift in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and on into the 10th dimension, the form turns into a sphere.  At this point, everyone is pretty much the same, as we have been harvested of the patterns that we brought back with us from our physical sojourn.  In 10 D is when we start creating true group consciousness with others of similar vibration, as our spheres start to line up in patterns. 

Here is another interesting tid bit.  I am always behind on listening to my podcasts.  I am a subscriber to John B. Wells’ Caravan to Midnight radio show.  Episode 268 from April featured researcher Anthony Patch.  It was a great show, but one of the things that stood out was his explanation of the purpose for the CERN Large Hadron Collider.  Anthony spoke about this at length, but the part of the show that really stood out for me was his conviction that the supercollider is going to be used to open up a permanent portal for multidimensional beings to come through.  These beings will be arriving from the planet Saturn, home of the dark forces controlling earth, via a Jacob ’s Ladder type of structure.   Whoa!  This action is supposed to start in September if all goes well for CERN.  Not so good for us! 

He also spoke about the attempt to create a 3rd strand of DNA by which humans could be controlled/activated through a connection to the AI.  Pretty scary stuff.  This confirms what GK has said about the DNA being an artificial structure through which we are manipulated via the synthetic matrix, and that our task is to transcend the DNA altogether. 

So what to do about all of this?  I think that becoming multidimensional beings ourselves is the way to go.  Tom Kenyon’s free sound meditation is designed to assist one in attaining a multidimensional state fairly easily with some attention and diligence.  Also, I recommend that you regularly send a beam of energy from your core essence into your pineal gland as a way of clarifying your master strand of DNA.  As I wrote last year, our evolutionary destiny involves transcending the DNA altogether so that it is no longer an internal tool of external manipulation. 

I sense that we will be pulling out of the null zone shortly and the action should speed up once again.  Hang on for a very busy summer! 


  1. I didn't know if you subscribed to Tom and was going to send you this. Nice.