December 18, 2014

The Opposition Out of Control

Since my private session with George Kavassilas, I have become more and more curious about the barriers and road blocks that we have put in front of us, and my role in co-creating and managing the 4th dimensional arena that we find ourselves stuck in.  Yesterday, I finally sat down to do a journey and gather some information.  For this kind of work, I like to use the Hemi-Sync® Meditation CD with headphones.  I just let myself drift into a nice space and then ask to be directed to where I need to go.

My intent for this journey was to know more about myself at the level of co-creator of this reality and to go to the place where this aspect of me exists.  Almost immediately, I encountered some beings of light hovering in my space.  Being wise to this game, I passed them by, as they were there to divert me from my journey’s mission.  They were tricksters there to test me!  Ha!

The real destination turned out to be the stargate in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is where I found myself next.  This is a 9th dimensional space where the energetic patterns and agreements for the 4th dimensional earth arena have been created.  Information on how this grand experiment is cooking along is harvested, analyzed and changed via councils of co-creator beings that also have embodiments inside the arena. 

Many of you are familiar with the problem/reaction/solution process that is routinely used by the forces of domination and control on this planet.  A specific problem is put into play knowing that a specific reaction will occur.  Then the desired solution is offered knowing all along that this will lead to the desired result.  At the 9D level, I saw how the P/R/S methodology was put into place to achieve a positive outcome in growth and experience for all involved.   Certain barriers, blocks and restrictions were deliberately created to challenge us, but not entrap us, in our continued remembrance as universal co-creators.  And so here, the patterning for the mind entity of the synthetic matrix was also created as the director of the opposing forces. 

Unfortunately, the opposing forces have gotten so full of themselves that they think that they are the orchestrators of the plan and not merely just a part of the plan!  It was not known ahead of time by the original co-creators of this plan how twisted things would get.  These negative forces have used the P/R/S ploy to control and steer life on this planet in such a way that the growth solutions have been extremely difficult to see, implement and achieve.  By the way, the reincarnational cycle that everyone is stuck in is actually a negative 4D take off on what happens in 9D as information is harvested, adjusted and reimplanted. 

In addition to all of this, the energy barrier, or great void as George Kavassilas calls it, that is between the 4th and 5th dimensions, has somehow become thicker and more restrictive over time so that the information flow between 4D and the 9D has been diminished quite a bit.  Only some of the necessary information is getting through going in either direction.  This is another reason why those in “management” positions had to actually incarnate here so as to serve as information conduits.  There is a lot of distortion in the flow of communications because of this, but it is better than nothing.  Adding to that, the falling asleep of the management crew once they got here, and we have a very imperfect system.  We have put ourselves in jail hoping to bust out from the inside with minimal tools at our disposal!  We also have aspects that are members of the opposition forces to make things more complicated but to also provide more growth opportunities. 

All is not lost.  The vibrational levels of the planet have been going up for quite a few years now, and if you are paying attention to your healing and evolution, yours would be going up along with the planet’s.  The veils are thinning.  That means that not only are we more aware of the 4th dimensional beings that are all around us all of the time, but the impulses coming from the 9D stargate at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy are getting through more powerfully, too.  These impulses are coming down via the Serpent Rope to our Father Sun, the core of Mother Earth, and on to us. 

The key here is to always look at the big picture with your eyes wide open.  We all have aspects on either side of what is going on.  How have the themes of domination and control been playing out in your personal life?  The real change starts at that level and radiates outwards.  By making a shift, it will be easier for your other aspects to do the same.  It’s the microcosm and macrocosm business at work.  In addition, everyone has aspects on levels all the way up to the 12th dimension and beyond this universe.  Otherwise, you would not be here at all. 

As a side note, while I was expanding my 5D core essence during this journey, I detected a deeper and more vibrant core within it that sources from the 9th dimension.  Wow!  That was kind of unexpected.  Now that I have anchored this new core level, I will be using that energy for journeys and healing work.  You can, too.  Try it and see what happens.  I suspect that this kind of practice will play a big part in bypassing the 4th dimension and exiting the earth arena when the time comes. 

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