July 24, 2014

Reviewing the Steps

I am hoping that this post will be the first of at least 2 more on the subject of where we are headed with the evolutionary energetic shifts happening to our energy fields.  First of all, I highly recommend that you listen to George Kavassilas’ latest interview on Our Journey Home.  This is the first one that he has posted in the last 3 months.  He was interviewed by the 2 ladies from One Point of View Radio on July 16th.  Aside from the agendas of the hosts, interruptions to ask questions from their chat room and their personal stories, I consider this to be one of George’s most significant interviews to date.  I have listened to it twice, taken notes and will undoubtedly listen a few more times before I am through. 

When you listen you will hear how my views on the transformation of the human energy field and George’s mesh beautifully.  We are on the same page regarding this.  What I would like to do here is review the steps so far that are leading up to the big exit, graduation, or as George puts it, our “completion” with our experience in the 4D earth arena and with the synthetic matrix programming. 

The first step to our transformation is the removal of the chakra system.  I consider this be absolutely necessary if one is to complete their earthly experience in this lifetime.  For me, this felt like the true start to my authentic spiritual evolution, in spite of doing a lot of work over the years.  I am still getting requests from people to remove their chakras for them, which is something that I do not do.  For a lot of people, the intimate connection to their inner selves that is necessary for spiritual transformation is missing, and so making that inner connection in order to remove their own chakras is a necessary step for them. 

The kundalini programming comes next and in most cases dissolves when the chakras are removed.  My sense is that what little that may be left will gradually fade away with time. 

As you will hear during the interview, George and I agree on these first 2 steps.  I have added an extra energy shift at this point.  A few weeks after I removed my chakras, the skin of my Luminous Energy Field shattered and dissolved while I was on a trip to Egypt.  You can read about what happened here.  This is something that just happens automatically and spontaneously as one raises their vibration.  Being grounded and expanding one's core essence every day will help with that.  Our launching group has checked each other several times, and all of our LEF skins are gone.  Although this is a step that George has no knowledge about, I suspect that his LEF skin has dissolved, too. 

The next step that we both agree on is the continual clearing of the pineal gland.  The master strand of DNA in the pineal holds all of our genetic lineages and in particular, the distortions and mutations created by the synthetic programming.  I love George’s method of holding the palm of his hand up to his forehead and running energy from his core essence up his arm and out the palm into the pineal gland.  This is not the only method, and you might have something that works just as well.  As far as I can tell, this is a process that needs to be done repeatedly until these distortions are cleared. 

In George’s interview, he states that the final energetic structure that is stopping us from becoming fully realized universal creators is our DNA!  When I heard him say that, I went right back to my recent experiences in Scotland at the sacred stone circles.  I was being shown how the DNA will automatically transform once the distortions have been cleared enough and one’s vibration is elevated enough.  Please read about that process here. 

We have now reviewed the steps up to and including the work with transcending the DNA.  Now the really interesting aspects of our transformation will come into play.  There are several ways to proceed with this, and I’d like to have time to play with them before writing about my experiences.  Our launching group meets on Sunday, and I feel that some vitally important information will come through then, too. 

This whole mapping process is necessary for those who will follow.  It may be time consuming right now, but as more and more of you get it, it will speed up.  What I am writing about here is also not for everyone, as each has their own path to follow.  Those with “ears to hear and eyes to see” are those who will resonate with this path.  More later! 

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