June 1, 2014

June Launch

This morning, our group got together for our monthly launching.  My intent for today was to gather additional information on the DNA transformation to add to what I received at the Croft Moraig stone circle in Scotland a few weeks ago.  Since a lot of this was happening all at once in the quantum field of “everywhere and everywhen”, I will do my best put these events into a somewhat chronological order.  What I am writing about also took 2 consecutive launchings. 

Right after I expanded my core essence and was propelled even further out by the rest of the group, I found myself looking at a double helix strand of DNA that was floating in front of me.  I am assuming that I was looking at the master strand of DNA that is located in the pineal gland. Lined up on either side were more strands that looked like shadows of the original physical pair.  There was also a slight energetic pulsing in the DNA. 

The double helix started spinning clockwise and the 2 strands started to tighten up.  At the same time that this was happening, all of the other shadow strands were being pulled into the spinning mix.  As the spinning and tightening proceeded, the 2 strands became one at the same time as particles of darker material were being flung out.  I can only assume that this was the denser shadow stuff that was being purged. 

I then popped into the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, where as I have found previously, a great cleansing has to take place before one goes through to the other side.  You can read about my experiences there in the post on the Stargate Milky Way. 

At this point, the 2 strands of DNA have already compressed down to one strand and then to a glowing rotating ball of energy.  Now this is where the action gets interesting!  What I was shown was that this rotating ball would then make the jump from the head to the core essence in the heart area.  All mind would be gone, as there would no longer be a need to think about anything, analyze, plan for the future, judge, or perform any of the other mental tasks that rule our lives.  One then finds themselves just BEING, sourcing from the rotating tube torus of their 5D core.  This is huge!  Can you get a feeling of what this would be like?  I do not know if we can hold the form of a body for very long in this state, either. 

This is actually what showed up next.  I could feel the rotating core essence actually eating up the physical form of my body.  I floated above the scene and could see the other launchers, but no me!  Of course this did not really happen in the room, but my cellular memory and energy field was being imprinted with this potential.  I know that this can happen.  Where this would take us, the possibilities are endless.

At the end of the second launching, I had popped out into a vibrational zone that had a milky grey-blue color.  The energy was very smooth and hard to describe.  Up ahead was some sort of beacon that slowly pulsed as it beckoned me to come closer.  At that point, the call back signal was given and I returned to my body in the room.  Perhaps I will get to that beacon again in the future to see what was going on there.  Interesting that the others in the group had detected that same color as I was taking my journey. 

I’d like to add several other observations to what has already been written about here.  We always share our experiences after each person has been launched, and today, we shared at the very end, too.  It has seemed for the last few days that we are in a very quiet place energetically.  This may be just the launchers impressions, but I think that it applies to the planet, too.  It is as if we have been in a sensory deprivation tank.  That is the feeling.  What this means, who knows.  Could just be a phase, or the calm before the storm.

We also talked about the group consciousness that we have formed, especially at launch time.  This was pretty evident today, as one member of the group couldn’t make it, and we had another member return after having been out of town for many months.  It was as if she had never left!  We then knew that she had been connected to the group the whole time, and I am assuming that the missing member tapped into the launch today, too, on some level. 

The other phenomenon that we noticed today was that all of our experiences had common themes and fit together like the pieces of a puzzle.  So by sharing and putting the pieces together, a greater whole is achieved.  And because of our group consciousness, the energetic shifts that are experienced by one are also experienced by everyone else in the group.  We may be looking at the 100th monkey principle here, too, where we are affecting others outside the group. 

I could go on and on as far as the ramifications of my experience today, but at this point, my brain is feeling a bit fried.  I’m looking forward to the time when we don’t have to reference our minds so much and can just go with our core essence heart feeling nature!


  1. Thank you Carla for your latest. I too am feeling a profound shift of just Being, becoming more neutral,an observer with a heart center focus, embracing it all. Thanks again, hope to have a session with you in the future, Pat

  2. Thank You that was something special ;)