December 9, 2013

Radiating Your Presence

Now, getting back to the Black Sheep topic, I’d like to give some assistance on how this pattern can be turned around.  First and foremost, work all of your issues.   Become aware of them, acknowledge them and transcend them to the best of your ability.  I have given plenty of information on how to do this both here in this blog and in my book “Traversing the Infinite Now”.  Becoming aware of your issues and triggers is 85% of the battle.  Once this is accomplished, doing something with what you have realized my need the help of a healing practitioner, or if you have an effective technique that you can use on yourself, that may work, too.  If you keep in mind that like attracts like, you can also use the behavior that is coming towards you as a mirror to your hidden shadow aspects.   

Clearing the distorted patterns will take you just so far, as there also needs to be a positive that you are moving towards.  For some people, this just comes naturally as the heavy energy is cleared.  For others, they seem to get stuck in the process of digging around in the muck without seeing a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.  They are always looking for “what’s wrong” and that becomes their outlook on life.  Their vibration stays low and sluggish as a result, and of course, more of the same of that continues to come their way.  Their glass is always half empty. 

In cases like these, I recommend some sort of self affirming spiritual practice.  We are all infinite and eternal beings with a continuous connection to and beyond the creator of all.  I encourage everyone to establish a connection with a part of themselves that is beyond the messiness and distortions of life in physicality.  In my book I have a guided exercise on how to connect with your Personal Guide, PG for short.  You can do this for information on an issue that has popped up, or just for some self affirming and positive messages.  The advice that you get from your PG will NEVER be negative. 

I also like to do some contemplation every day.  Long ago, I gave up the practice of trying to get into the “no mind” state, as it didn’t seem to be getting me anywhere.  Now, I just sit and relax my body and mind and see what comes through.  This is also a way for me to receive those self affirming messages, which undoubtedly come from a higher and clearer aspect of myself.  Repose in your own contentment with gratitude and appreciation for your life, your whole life’s embodiment and not just the random positive aspects here and there.  You deserve to be here and you have a purpose and a soul plan.  Know who you are to your core and be certain of what you know. 

The last step to reversing the black sheep pattern is to strongly radiate who you are from the core of your being.  This does not happen overnight and can be a gradual process that evolves over time.  It can involve the peeling of the onion effect until you dig down to the golden glowing pure heart of your being.  It also can’t be done effectively unless the previous steps are done first.  Otherwise, what would you be radiating?  Have the courage to be big energetically.  Not pushy in an obvious way, but smooth and subtle. You do not even have to open up your mouth.  Others will get the message.  This is something that black sheep cannot, will not or don’t know how to do because of the multiple factors previously discussed. 

I know that in my case, it has taken a long time to get to a place of clarity and self confidence that now naturally radiates outwards. Not that I considered myself a black sheep, but I had a very invasive and attacking mother, and it took years to firm up my boundaries and find out who I really was.   I also never had a lot of trouble from students or clients coming after me, but what little that I attracted has now diminished down to nothing.  This is also why I have always been able to deal with the darkest of entities and extraterrestrials associated with a client without anything attaching itself to me during a session.  I cannot say the same for a lot of other healers. 

The client with the beautiful flower beds that I wrote about in the black sheep post has had a particularly hard time connecting to and strongly radiating her clear true nature.  She certainly has done enough work on her issues and knows when something is up, but her space is still invaded from time to time. We still have hope! 

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