August 19, 2013

August Launch

Yesterday morning, our local group met for our August launching.  As we were having our prep discussion and even throughout the energetic work that we did, it became very clear that we were working in a space that was of a higher and more refined vibration than the last time we had met.  We took some time out in May and June, and noticed an acceleration when we got back together in July.  It seems that the trend is continuing.  We are also in the midst of another strong solar event and I can only assume that the heightened energy from our Sun was assisting us in our own spiritual activities.

Each launcher needs an intent or purpose for their launch.  As I will be going back to the Monroe Institute on September 6th for my next class, my intent was to experience a journey that would prepare me for that class. I wanted to visit what one would call “source”.   

Pretty much immediately after the group assisted me in launching, I found myself in a familiar place.  I was looking down on a grouping of universes.  To me, these always look like tallish round bubbles situated right next to each other with an opening at the top of each one.  These universes quickly merged into one energetic body and we started traveling upwards.

Now, since I had requested to get to source, I expected to eventually arrive at some sort of glowing bright globe of energy.  Instead, our energy globe of the merged universes came to a large hole, beyond which was a vast nothingness.  This was quite a surprise, but in retrospect, not so much.  If we look at the openings at the tops of all the universes as portals, then what was revealed was that this pattern just continues up the dimensions. Our merged group of universes had made up one body with again its own escape hatch or portal.  This pattern may go on ad infinitum, and where source would be is anyone’s guess. 

The merged universes then entered the portal and instead of shooting out into that empty space, their energy started spreading out on the inner surface of the new space.  Picture a clear balloon filled with just a bit of iridescent yellow-green sticky liquid.  The liquid would hug the bottom of the balloon because of gravity.  It would also spread out on that inner surface if the balloon was tilted back and forth.  This is what it looked like, except that our multi-universe's iridescent energy started dripping upwards from that surface.  Very surreal indeed!  Was it traveling somewhere or starting to create something, I don’t know.

At that point, I asked to see what the process looks like as we are coming down through the dimensions and individuating once again.  The glowing body of the multi-universes split up into their own individual forms once again.  I then saw that different aspects of myself were splitting off and going into the different universes.  That made me very sad, as I realized that I would not be reunited with those aspects until my consciousness evolution reached the state where I existed wholly in the multi-verse.  That might take eons! 

After I came back from that journey, I didn’t feel completely present and was vibrating all over.  Normally, we each get launched twice, but that first one was so full that I declined the second trip.  In addition to each experiencing something important to their spiritual progress during these get-togethers, we are also mapping the energetic structures that lie beyond what we are familiar with.  Because of that, taking a second journey after a particularly important first one may be counterproductive to the whole process.

When all had been launched, we did some work on the skin of our Luminous Energy Fields.  I am trying to develop a process by which that skin could be dissolved with group energetic support of some sort.  I do not know how successful the exercise was, as we were all pretty non-focused at that point.  After some checking, we did determine that 2 of our members’ LEFs were about 2/3 dissolved from the bottom up.  So that tells me that the breaking up and dissolving of the LEF does not need to be as dramatic as mine was in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.  For most who have removed their chakras, the dissolving seems to be a more gradual process if you are doing some regular high vibrational energy work on yourself. 

If we are doing this, then our dear Mother Earth will do it at some point in her transition, too.  After all, we are the microcosm to her macrocosm.  We are a part of her body and her energy field.  We are in this together!

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