May 24, 2014

The Lochbuie Stone Circle

After spending the night in a hotel on the island of Mull, we set out to visit a local magical stone circle before taking the ferry back to the mainland.  I slept very lightly that night and woke up buzzing from head to toe.  Was it from anticipation of the day’s events?  Integration from our time on Iona the day before?  Or perhaps the effects of spending so much time walking on the quartz laden granite of this area?  My energy field felt very open and expanded, ready to receive.

The road we took went past several lochs (lakes of either fresh or salt water) including Loch Buie.   The winding road we were on was flanked in spots by huge rhododendron bushes ready to burst into boom.  Our destination was a beautiful fertile valley surrounded by mountains.  Upon getting there, we parked the van and were greeted by a small heard of Scottish red deer and several pheasants. 

We put on our rain pants and jackets and set out through a bog to get to the stone circle. That was an adventure, and luckily we also had waterproof boots on.  Our guide slipped and sunk down into the mud up to her knees!  I managed to get through the bog by jumping from one high spot to the next.  Good thing that I am in good physical shape to do that.  Others were not so lucky with the mud.

The stone circle we were headed towards was not visible from the road, but once we got closer to it, it was a pretty impressive sight indeed. The first monolith that was encountered here was clearly a feminine stone with the energy of a wise elder or crone.  She was the guardian of the approach to the site and held the womb space for the whole location.  Further on towards the north was a more male oriented stone that was much bigger and pointy on top.  I labeled him the “beacon” because he could be energetically used to call in the participants to gather. 

Just a short distance again to the north was the Lochbuie Stone Circle, which is compose of 9 monoliths with an additional smaller stone a short distance away from the circle marking the east direction. Some of the stones were pointed, some were round at the top, and there was one short and wide one.  What a sight with the emerald green grass and the surrounding mountains.  This is a seldom visited circle and the energy here is very pristine.  Keep in mind that construction on most if not all of the stone circles in the UK was started about 5,000 years ago.  This was a real treat to see one that seemed untouched in all of that time. 

The first thing I did was to offer a stone from home to the spirits of this place, which I then buried right in the center of the circle.  It was a delight to stand there and soak up the energy!  I then proceeded to go around the circle on the inside and in a clockwise direction hugging and connecting with each stone in turn.  Clearly this was a site where ceremonies were conducted associated with solar alignments such as solstice and equinox, in addition to rites of passage and many other ceremonies designed to ensure the survival and prosperity of the ancient people. 

As I proceeded to go around the circle, I realized that each stone held the records for a particular aspect of the agricultural society that lived in this fertile valley up to 5,000 years ago.  Some of the themes were animal husbandry, grain agriculture, herbal medicine, midwifery and child birth, star charting, warfare and weapons and fertility of all the crops and animals.  The shortest and squattest stone in the circle held the energy of “the child”.  All of these individual themes combined into a group consciousness and contributed to the whole.  These people were really in tune with each other and their environment.  I mentioned to our guide that if one were to spend enough time with each monolith, a lot of information could be downloaded and written down, giving clues to the lives of these people.  That was actually my intent, to receive as much of the essence and information that I could in the short time that we were there.

Another strange thing happened.  As I engaged with the 2 stones on the north side of the circle, I began to spin!  My body swayed in a clockwise fashion, almost to the point of dizziness.  I can still feel it now.  It was almost as if my DNA was being repatterned and wound up.  In my mind, this is why I was so energized when I woke up that morning.  Perhaps I was being prepared for this encounter with the stone circle.  I know that something in me was recalibrated and accelerated.  This is why I like to visit highly energized sacred sites around the world.  With intent, one’s personal healing, spiritual progress and evolution can be accelerated in these places. 

When our time in the circle was complete, we made our way back out of the bog with some similar mishaps in the mud, and drove back on the winding road along the lochs to the ferry terminal for the boat trip back to the mainland.  Our next destination was Pitlochry in the Scottish Highlands. 


  1. This was amazing Carla thank you so much from my heart for sharing. I am following your lead and attempting to 'tune in' to the energies more everyday as I know now I was missing so much.

    1. As a novice ~ I found your writing very informative Carla and well written ~ a delightful introduction to the magical energy of Stone Circles ~ Thank you Alannah for passing it on and thank you Carla for sharing your experience.
      Kind regards ~ Patricia McDonald

  2. Thank you both for your comments. I find that if one can learn to tune into the energy that is imprinted on the monoliths that can be found all around the world, much information and energetic acceleration can be experienced! More to come.