March 29, 2020

Phase Shifting

A week ago Saturday, I attended the quarterly webinar that George Kavassilas gives to his students of the “Transcending the God Matrix” course.  I attended this course in Monterey, California a few years ago, and it was quite the memorable event.  

This latest webinar lasted about 8 hours, as there was quite a bit to cover considering the world situation right now.  It would be impossible and even inappropriate for me to describe everything that was covered, but I would like to share the phase shifting exercise that George guided us through. 

The basic premise is this.  We exist in a reality that is multilayered in an infinite way, from our 3 D experience all the way up and beyond our aspects as creator beings.  These vibrational layers are very fine and imperceptible, and for our purposes here, I will call them “phases”.  When we are at the same vibrational level as something in our vicinity, we can see it and touch it.  Our vibration or phase is the same.  When there is a difference in our vibrational levels, it is as if the “other” does not exist, even though it may be right beside us. 

George guided the participants through a phase shift exercise for the corona virus.   First of all, keep in mind that this virus may not have originally been in the same phase for everyone, so that not everyone participating would have become ill.  You have to be in a matching phase for the other to affect you.  This is also according to your plan, and your co-created agreements with the other.   

To move out of phase with the other, it is wise to delve into why this event is happening between you, and gain some wisdom around the learning behind the interaction.  Make sure that you are grounded and your Core Essence is expanded.  Then, call on your highest aspect as a creator being to assist in the shift.  Next, ask that all of your energy bodies participate.  These would be your physical, etheric, mental, emotional, astral, and higher dimensional bodies.  With intent, ask that all of your own personal energy bodies shift out of phase with the offending other, in this case, the corona virus.  Hold that intent until you feel the shift.  In my case last week, as I shifted my vibrational phase away from that virus, it appeared to shrivel up and disappear. 

A few days ago, I began to ponder if the phase shifting could be done in reverse, in other words, to bring all of your energy bodies into the same phase as the other.  Certainly it can!  Let’s say that you have applied for a job that you would really like to get.  You can go through the phase shifting exercise to bring you into the same vibration as that job.  Now, whether you can hold that vibration over the long term is another matter.

Perhaps a simpler target is better to start with.  Try phase shifting to match the vibration of an unruly child.  Then shift yourself and watch that child shift in turn.   I like to phase shift into resonance with nature when I am outside. The photo above is of a penstemon that I had never seen before and wanted to see more of.  I came into resonance with that plant, and then started walking in a direction that was drawing me forward.  Sure enough, there were more of them up the hill a little bit. 

Have you ever had the experience of putting down your car keys, and then going back to where you thought they were only to find them gone, and a while later, to find them in the spot that you had already checked?  I would suspect that you temporarily phase shifted out of the vibrational range of your keys for some reason. 

So play around with this, either phase shifting away from something that is bothersome to you, or phase shifting to match the vibration of something you would like to attract.  Have fun with it, and see what happens.

March 18, 2020

Vernal Equinox

Late tomorrow evening here in the US, on Thursday March 19th, we will experience the Vernal Equinox.  This is the moment when the amount of daylight and darkness are equal all over the planet.  Symbolically, it is the moment of equality and balance, and it occurs twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.  Considering the state of the world right now, we all sure do need some balance and equanimity right now!  This is a very energetically potent evening to do a ceremony. 

In the post from this past Winter Solstice, I detailed how anyone can do a bowl burning ceremony to release distressing emotions and events from the past, and then in turn bring in positive intents to move you into the future in a much better way.  Before you do  your bowl burning ceremony, I recommend that  you to sit and contemplate where you are within yourself as far as how the world wide turmoil is affecting you, whether it is financially, health wise, or merely being inconvenienced.  Most importantly, take a good look at your level of fear.  Believe me, fear is the big enemy right now, and many do not realize that fear can also reduce your resistance to disease.  After you have assessed your fear level and come to terms with it, do some release and positive outcome writing in preparation for your ceremony.   

Today, the news reported that there was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake near Salt Lake City in the morning, with some damage to structures and a fair number of displaced persons as a result.  All the more reason for each and every one of you to be straight and solid within yourselves, because you never know what will happen in the future.  Tom Kenyon has written many times about the chaotic nodes that have been coming fast and furious during the past few years.  We are in a big one right now, and it is important to own the fact that you and you alone are in charge of your destiny.  Don’t let the current distractions pull you off of your path. May you enjoy a really nice ceremony tomorrow night! 

March 13, 2020

Troubling Times

I recently heard from someone who was having trouble finding my “Tools for Transition” workshops in the Rise Multiversity store.  There have been quite a few listings in their store since I first did these workshops and finding mine may be a bit confusing.  I am still in the WORKSHOP section.  For your convenience, here is a link.

These workshops provide invaluable tools that are designed to assist you in working through issues that may be coming up during these troubling times related to the world wide panic about the coronavirus.  Please remember that fear can be a powerful enemy to your spiritual evolution.  It can also lower your vibration which can lower your immune defenses.  All of this will pass, and your obligation to yourself is to stay grounded, expanded and calm.  Use your common sense in taking care of yourself.  Blessings to all of you!

March 7, 2020

Finding Your Magic

I have been hiking with a group of ladies that I connected with on Meet Up.  It has been a great way to get to know the area and pick up other tid bits about life here in SW Utah.  The down side is that the more advanced hiking groups move along pretty fast, and with the slower groups, there is a lot of chit chat on the trail.  Because of this, even though I am taking a fair number of photos, I do not get a chance to really tune into my surroundings.  My style is more of listening, watching and wandering.  That way, each hike is more like a treasure hunt for interesting things. 

Yesterday, I drove south of Cedar City near Leeds to a trail called “White Reef”.  I had done that trail before, and wanted to repeat it in addition to adding some length to the hike.  It is named for a geological formation that looks like a reef sticking up.
Along the trail, I found an area where it looked like the ancient native people were creating arrow heads out of a lovely red stone, as there were shards strewn over the ground.  A few of the early spring flowers were blooming, and of course, the vistas were fabulous. 

I took a side trail that led to the top of the white reef, and even though the main trail made a curve to drop down on the other side, I was being drawn to a huge rock outcropping that was up ahead of me.  There was a narrower trail leading to the outcropping, which indicated that it had been visited by hikers many times before. 
As I got closer, I noticed the many wolf berry bushes that dotted the crest of the ridge.  These plants generally only occur in soil that has been disturbed by ancient native habitation.  In other words, people had lived here in ancient times. 

Sure enough, as I stood on the slope looking up at the rock face underneath the outcropping, there was a petroglyph panel.  Amazing.  What is even more interesting is that it was overlooking the spot where all of the rock shards were located.  It really felt like a look out location. 

Check out the "modern" graffiti from 1876!   

I paid special attention to the orientation of the outcropping as I came back down and took a different trail back to the parking lot.  It really stands out on that ridge.

My point here is that if you are not distracted and instead listening to your inner nudges, you can be led to some pretty interesting things.  Of course, it is your Higher Self that is doing the nudging and directing!  I often get questions from students and clients about how to communicate with their Higher Self.  They think that the communication is like talking to a friend, with verbiage going back and forth.  It’s not like that at all.  We are communicating back and forth all the time.  People often do not recognize that fact.  All we need to do is get quiet, listen, and observe our surroundings for signs and signals.  I found some magic yesterday, and you can too.

March 2, 2020

Article in Nexus Magazine

I am very pleased to let you know that one of my significant past blog posts has been revisited by Duncan Roads, editor, in his very excellent magazine, Nexus.  His article is entitled "Strange Times: The Gathering".  This article is in the newly released March-April 2020 edition.  Check it out at your local alternative book store, or at

February 28, 2020

A New Take on "Intention"

For a good many years now, so much has been made of the process of having an intent or creating an intention, especially in the metaphysical or spiritual realms.  I have made much use of this process, too, and have spoken of it at length to my students and clients.  Basically, it involves having an idea and a vision of what it is that you intend, and then giving it a big shot of emotional energy as rocket fuel before you release it into the cosmos.  So it is much more than thinking or visualizing what it is that you would like to manifest. 

Now, I am starting to rethink my whole philosophy around “intending”.  As I have mentioned in other posts, I am speaking to those of you who are reading this as humans who are on a spiritual evolutionary path, and thus open to moving outside of the box that most of humanity uses as their framework for life. 

Let’s start with a few basic premises.  Our path in life has been mapped out by our higher aspects before we are born.  At least the basic framework and big life events are predetermined.  Life is a process.  There are no goals!  What is the process?  It involves, even for those who are spiritually minded, putting one foot in front of the other, day by day, making your mistakes and learning from them.  By doing this, you create the tools you will need for your next steps. 

The ultimate goal is to get on the path that has been laid out for you.  You will know that this is happening when your body starts to feel more and more comfortable as you go along.  Your body is a barometer and BS meter.  It will let you know when you are off!  Eventually, your life purpose will be revealed to you.  So, look at the difference between making your path and finding your path.  What I am talking about here is finding your path. 

Now, let’s get back to intention.  If you remember that infamous movie, “The Secret”, where you were told that all you needed to do was to set a strong intent, and you could have anything that you wanted.  I would like to propose that all of that intending was generated by a fundamental sense of lack, limitation, and poverty consciousness.  It was not meant to help an individual find and get on their predetermined path through life.  This also reminds me of the issue of prayer.  Most of that is done from the same standpoint.  Wanting something that you feel you are missing.  Begging out of neediness. 

What to do about all of this?  I find that going through your day with an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, no matter what is going on or what you are experiencing helps smooth the way and keep you on the right track.  This attitude does not leave any room for lack and limitation at all, so there is nothing to intend for!   

I also like to say “teach me, show me, guide me”.  This sends the message to your Higher Aspects that you are willing to receive assistance in the form of intuition, helpful people, synchronicities, or possibly dreams.  Of course, this means that you also have to go through your day in an undistracted state and paying attention to what comes your way.  This can be hard for many, and that is another discussion altogether. 

So, the next time you pray for something, intent for something, or even repeat affirmations over and over, really examine what is generating that sense of lack, limitation, or feeling that something is missing from your life.  Do your best to process that issue.  I would also recommend my book “Traversing the Infinite Now”, which is full of helpful and easy ways to work your way through any difficulty. 

Above and below are photos from yesterday’s hike.  Enjoy! 

February 10, 2020

Melting Through the Mesh

I have been going to a meditation group here most Sundays as my schedule allows.  It is a nice group of people, with some non practicing Mormons among them.  It has also been a good way to learn about what goes on in Cedar City, in addition to meeting a great computer repair man.  On the down side, I am under the radar so far with my beliefs, the work with George Kavassilas, and having no chakras.  This is pretty much a New Age group who are unenlightened as to how our world really works on the multidimensional levels. 

Nevertheless, it is great to get together with somewhat like minded individuals every week.  The group leader leads a meditation, and the group energy always comes together nicely.  Since these people all still have their chakras, occasionally, the meditation deals with clearing and healing the chakras.  What do I do in those cases?

Taking advantage of the expanded group energy field, I go on my own journey!  During the meditation this past Sunday, as I expanded outwards, I encountered a blue mesh barrier.  The image above is an approximation.  I have encountered many similar barriers in the past.  This is just an example of how the matrix has barricaded planet earth so that it would be harder for us to expand and transcend this patterning.  And escape!!!

During my journey, I just traveled and allowed something to happen.  As I approached this blue mesh, a spot in front of me started to melt and distort, eventually opening up in a circular fashion.  What does this mean?  My interpretation is that if we have enough escape velocity and “heat” in the form of an elevated vibration, we can transcend and pass through any barrier. 

Bottom line, if it feels right, you can participate in group meditations that may not completely align with your spiritual philosophy.   You can use the elevated group energy to propel yourself forward.  Do your own thing! 

February 9, 2020

How to Work with a Crystal Skull

I collect crystal skulls.  It all started when I sat with “Max the Crystal Skull” in Missoula in 2002.  At that time, I purchased a very tiny skull from Joanne Parks, the guardian of Max.  That skull got packed away, as I moved to Colorado the following year.  In 2008, I attended the Durango Whole Expo, and there was a man there who had a booth featuring crystal skulls.  I was hooked, and have purchased quite a few since then. I immediately unearthed "Mini Max" and started my collection.  Over the years since then, I have kept most of my skulls, but there are many that I have given away. 

This week I received my very first gifted skull from a high school friend of mine.  All of the other skulls I own have been handpicked by me.  To do this, I just let the skull “speak” to me, either when I look at it, or feeling into the vibration when I pick it up.  The vast majority of skulls out there are composed of some type of quartz crystal, which can store and transmit energetic patterns.  Also, they can communicate with each other and share energetic information. 
So when you are shopping for a skull, and encounter a selection of them in a rock shop or perhaps a tourist venue, relax and are open to your impressions.  The skull that is meant for you may shout out to get your attention!  That is what happened when I sat with “Einstein the Skull of Consciousness” last year in Sedona.  His guardian had brought a selection of other skulls that were for sale, and the energy from one of them was so distracting that it was hard to concentrate on Einstein.  I didn’t even bother to look at the others. 

Your next step would be to pick up the skull and hold it.  How does your body feel?  How do your hands feel when you hold it?  Are you getting any energy flows?  At the same time, give it a good look over.  Do you like the style of the carving?  Is there any damage to it?  Remember that the size of the skull does not necessarily matter.  I have some very small ones that really pack a punch energetically.  When purchasing a skull, go with your guts and intuition. 

Once you have brought the skull home, I recommend cleaning it thoroughly.  I like to hold mine under cold running water, and then wipe it off completely to remove any imprints for people who have come in contact with it.  No special cleansers are necessary. 

In the case of my newly gifted skull, it was chosen by my friend with the help of the rock shop owner, since my friend didn’t know much about which skull to choose.  I have to say that the rock shop guy must have been really tuned in, because the skull is perfect for me.  It is a chevron amethyst.  In the photo here, you can see the chevron pattern on the top of the head.   
This is an especially potent spiritual stone.  Amethyst is also my birth stone, which my friend didn’t know.  You can also research the properties of any stone in books or the internet.

My next step, which would also be yours once you have cleansed your skull, is to sit quietly in a meditative state with the skull in your hands.  Once you have relaxed and tuned in, the first thing that you do is to ask your skull what its name is.  It is important to take the first name you get, no matter how strange it may sound.  Most of mine have given me their names, but I do have a few unnamed ones.  The 2 skulls that I bought from Einstein’s guardian were named by her, but when I asked them, I got different names.  Some of my skull’s names are Sun Dancer, Mama Love, Destiny, Claude, Ivan, Maya, Hunab Ku, The Traveler, Lover Boy, and George to name a few. 

Next, you might want to ask about what that skull’s energetic specialty is.  It could be healing, journeying, gathering some sort of information, comforting, or facilitating deep meditation.  You may also choose to not research the mineral that your stone is made of until you have received the above information. 

This is what I got for my newly gifted skull.  She is female, and would like to be called Dolly.  Her specialty is inner exploration.  I must note that the vast majority of skulls are male, perhaps because they are all as far as I know, carved by male carvers.  After I got this information from Dolly, I then looked up chevron amethyst, and found out that it is indeed a very powerful stone for journeying into your inner consciousness.

At this point, you can place your skull anywhere in your environment, and also work with it according to its area of expertise.  More information can be gathered, too.  It is important to mention that, since you are the creator and center of your reality, the skulls are actually mirroring back to you some aspect of yourself.  Because of this, working with crystal skulls is a great way to get to know who you are as a multidimensional being.  They all have a story to tell.  And most importantly, have fun!  Maybe you will catch skull fever, too!