February 17, 2019

Another Universe

Earlier today, our launching group met for our monthly get together.  I haven’t described the process in a while, so here it is briefly.  We sit in a circle on the floor with the launchee in the center.  One person serves as the shaman, one person sits at the feet of the launchee to help them re-anchor back into their body when their journey is finished, and one person minds the timer.  The rest spread out around the circle.  Everyone expands their Core Essence at once, and when the launchee is fully expanded, we all fling her expanded consciousness out as far as we can, and then wait for the prearranged number of minutes while she journeys.  At the end of the chosen time frame, we assist her to get back into her body and share information on the journey.  We then rotate around and do it again until everyone has had a turn. 

Everyone needs an intent for their journey, even if it is pretty general, such as “Show me something I need to see”.   Sometimes the intent is not formulated literally until the person is in the center of the circle getting ready to be launched.  In my case today, my intent came to me as soon as I woke up this morning.  In the back of my mind I kept seeing a mandala quite similar to the photo at the top of this post.  It followed me everywhere!  I finally asked about what it was, and was told that it was a portal.  So my intent today was to explore this portal.     

Now, our universe is full of portals, or stargates.  They are shortcuts that can be used to get from point A to point B.  There is a portal at the center of our earth that can be used to travel to any other galaxy, star or planet, as they all also have the same at their cores.  Back last fall when I was investigating the energetics of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, I traveled through the stargate near the star Deneb in the Cygnus constellation, which led me into another universe altogether.  That is what happened today, but it was a different portal into yet a different universe!

As soon as I was launched, I expressed my intent to travel to and through the portal that had been following me all morning.  I didn’t get there instantly, however.  I found myself traveling rapidly through a long tunnel, or worm hole, that was almost see through.  I glanced behind me and saw not only the launching group following me, but quite a few other people. 

When I popped out of the tunnel, the stargate was dead ahead.  I entered the center, and it felt like I was burrowing deeply down into the middle of a colorful multi-petaled flower. 

The real surprise came when I exited out the other side.  That is when I realized that I was in another universe altogether.  The environment felt like I was under water, and there were organisms that were swimming all around me.  They were small, and looked like translucent squid.  They were also all completely identical!  I could see them joining together to create specific living forms, and then separate again and swim away.  At one point, multitudes of them came to me and attached to every square inch of my body.  I truly felt that I was one of them at that point.  Indeed, I probably have an aspect in that universe, or else I wouldn’t have been drawn to go there in the first place.

I tried to determine what the hierarchy of that realm was, in other words, what was the controlling force that was direction all of these swimmers, but nothing showed up in that regard.  I did drift up through their “dimensional” bandwidths, but the higher up I got, the finer the energy was.  It appeared to be like layers of delicate pale colors.  I ended up in what I called their source energy.  When I visit our Source, the energy is a glowing buttery color.  Their source felt like I was floating in milk.  In both cases, source is a place of no motion, no thought, and utter peace. 

My time was then up, and I was called back into my body and back to the group.  One of the things for everyone to realize here is that there are quite a few universes that are adjacent to ours, and that we probably have aspects in many of them.  We can also travel to these other realities through portals or stargates directly without going all the way up through our universe’s dimensions and out to the multiverse and then entering another universe in that way.  I am not sure if we can call these parallel universes, as the energy is so very different from ours.  You can feel that different ambiance as soon as you enter one of these.  The laws of physics and motion are very different, too. 

I did do a second journey today that involved my current study of Controlled Remote Viewing.  I wanted to investigate how and where the patterns of information come from that are being viewed by the viewer.  In CRV terms, it is the signal line that is coming from the matrix that creates the scene that is being investigated.  Hopefully I will have time this week to write about that, as it was quite interesting!  But for now, we are finished.


  1. This is fascinating! Thank you for sharing your experience. It shows me how I can get structured with my own journeying. (I need to set more intentions and do less wayward journeying!)

    Please do share more about remote viewing! (And any guidance on how to do it in the first place?) It’s something I’ve been wanting to understand and practice.

  2. Hello Timm--I will be writing about CRV from time to time. You might want to start with an excellent book by Daz Smith entitled "CRV, Controlled Remote Viewing Anywhere Anytime". CRV must be taught one on one or in small groups by the instructor. Unfortunately, the instructor that I am currently working with does not teach in that format, so I am searching for a new one.

  3. By definition there is ONE Universe.

    1. If you have the ability to travel the cosmos and beyond, you will find out that that is not true!

    2. There are an infinite number outside of this one. It is imperative to unserstand that our universe is reffered to as the snake universe due to the polarities that could not be merged into a wholeness. Energy has been ocsillating between positive and negative polaries in an effort to balance but an equilibrium is never achieved. Hence the chaos we see in our world. Outside of this universe where wholness can exisit ib true form. One cannot even begin to fathom the harmony and completeness compared to our current existance.

  4. As i understand it, one cannot leave this universe in our current form....even if you were projecting. You most likely visited other energy planes or a parallel universe which would still be apart of this one.