April 10, 2018


This past weekend, I hosted a group of students who came here to Cortez to take the “Journeys Beyond the Physical” workshop.  In addition to learning shamanic tracking while in the theta brain wave state, sending earth bound spirits to the light and mapping the pathway from death to the exit point out of our universe, they successfully performed the Shamanic Death Rites on about 16 deceased loved ones who were stuck and needed help moving forward on the other side.  This is true service work, and it was gratifying for me to see all of them step up in a very big way. 

On Sunday afternoon I led the journey from death to the exit point of our universe.  It is so important to become familiar with the realms beyond our 3rd dimensional one so that we can navigate them with confidence once we leave the earthly plane once and for all. 

Our final activity was a launching.  After all of the traveling through the realms beyond the physical that we did during those 3 days, this was the final chance for everyone to set their own intent and direct their own journey. 

The topic that I chose for my launch was to gather more information on stargates.  Ever since my experience with Lord Pakal at the Temple of the Inscriptions at Palenque, I was curious to learn more.  There have been several TV shows and movies with the stargate theme, mainly from a scientific or military standpoint where the stargate is a mechanical device.  I am more interested in the organic stargates that one can open at will using their innate energetic abilities. 

So I launched and asked to be taken to a stargate.  BTW—it is also quite common for all of us to encounter stargates during a launching.  They typically look like a star that one enters and pops out the other side.  What a great way to travel around! 

The stargate that showed up in front of me was round, and had a lot of energetic movement inside.  There were 8 “knobs” around the perimeter that seemed to be control mechanisms manned by energetic beings.  This tells me that one has to have a rapport with these beings to be able to create and use the stargate. 

I floated around to the side, and saw a barely visible wide energetic tube leading from that stargate to another one on the other end.  So for this to work properly, you have to have an intent to create the stargate, thus communicating with the beings that help with this, and you also have to know where you are going, which creates the corresponding stargate at the destination with the tube connecting the two. 

Now this is the fun part.  When you enter the first stargate, you do not travel through the tube to get to your exit point.  Instead, the tube shrinks up in an instant, both stargates merge into one and you pop out the other side.  Time and space get compressed!  If one can master this skill, you can go anywhere instantly, assuming that you know what your destination is.  You can even exit our universe in this way, but I do highly recommend that you thoroughly map that journey the “slow” way so that you know where you are going. 

At that point in the journey, I called on Lord Pakal, and we went out to the multiverse to join with the council of beings that hold that format together.  Then back to the Temple of the Inscriptions to take another look at the stargate that I encountered there in January.  That one always looks like it is filled with blue and white moving sparkles. 

I returned from my journey and gave the group my report.  All in all, a really nice workshop with a group of dedicated students. I will be teaching the "Journeys Beyond the Physical" workshop twice in September.   For more information on that, go to the workshop page at www.quantumstargate.com

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