June 4, 2015

Phase Shifting

This post is sort of a continuation of the previous post entitled “Yellow Fever” in that I will be giving more techniques that you can use to evade unwanted invasion.  I must emphasize, however, that I am not giving you a technique that is to be used to escape an issue that you really have to examine, process and heal.  This will become clearer as you read on.

Phase shifting can be used in any situation that is perceived to be irritating, harmful or even dangerous.  Again, everyone co-creates these situations with the “other” that is pushing your buttons, but sometimes, one’s personal safety needs to be attended to first before the offending events can be processed.  This process can be used if you are at a party or even a family gathering where someone becomes threatening, while walking down a creepy dark alley in a big city, or even if you are with someone who is pulling in some sort of dark energy or extraterrestrial influence.  In other words, these are situations that are not directly related to you, but that you may find yourself in.  Hospitals are full of earthbound spirits and negative energy, yet you may not be able to totally avoid ever going there if you have a friend or loved one who is hospitalized.  For someone who is very sensitive, any crowded place might fit the bill here.  Considering the chaotic state of the world, there may be times coming up in the future where you would need to “remove” yourself from a situation, thus becoming invisible, at least temporarily.  As I am writing this, the thought occurred to me that phase shifting may also be the first step in learning to bi-locate! 

When you phase shift, you are not jumping to another dimension.  I wrote about that process in the recent post entitled “Portals and Stargates”.  Instead, imagine that you are searching for a radio station by dialing up and down the frequency bandwidths.  The new station that you are looking for may be just one over from your current one, or it may be several stations down.  You will still be very present in the current time and space of your situation, but will be just different enough in vibration to take you out of the line of fire.

First, assess your situation to determine if phase shifting is appropriate.  If it is, the next thing you would do is to set your intent to shift your vibration.  Intent is very important as it will lead you to your expected outcome or goal.  Then, visualize an exact energy duplicate of yourself, and displace it off to one side by at least an inch.  Note that this double will be interpenetrating your physical body, but not lined up exactly. 

Next, shift your conscious attention to this energy duplicate and do your best to embody it completely.  Really feel that you now exist in the vibration of that double. Maintain your focus of attention on the new “you” for as long as you can.  I have even looked back at the spot where the old “me” had just been standing and nothing is there to be seen!  Also notice that I am using the basic method for opening portals—intention, visualization, and conscious command of your energy field.  These are standard principles for any kind of energy work. 

Hold this shift for as long as is necessary for your purpose.  You will find that eventually, the new you will merge back with the old you.  We are talking about a temporary change here.  My sense is that the DNA of the physical form is the mechanism that will pull you back. 

I use the phase shifting when I am out walking around in my neighborhood, and pass a dog who is aggressively barking in his yard.  I know that the dog will probably not escape and come after me, but I do not want to unnecessarily upset the him, either.  I shift into a slightly different vibration to make the dog think that I am no longer there.  Works like a charm! 

Unfortunately, I have to say that there are many people out there who are walking around out of phase all the time.  This always looks to me like they have a shadow of themselves that is popped out to one side of their body.  This makes it impossible for them to completely be in their body all the time, and they fluctuate back and forth between the physical body and the vibrational double.  Because of this, they constantly have the feeling that they are incomplete, or that there is something wrong with them.  Ordinary focus can be difficult.  This condition is caused by severe birth trauma, accident or injury when very young, or even deliberate childhood abuse that was designed to split them.  Fortunately, the latter is very rare.  When I find this stuckness out of phase in a client, it is very easy to correct.  

So, the next time you find yourself in a situation where you would like to take yourself out of the action, try phase shifting and see what happens.  A very good place to practice this would be out in nature.  Sit on a rock and phase shift.  What is the reaction of the animals and birds around you?  Do they carry on as if you weren’t there?  What a great way to interact with the nature kingdoms as a nonthreatening human being.


  1. Hello Carla :)
    I am really starting to feel invisible! all my life i was focusing on staff around me, but i had enough! so now i learning to phase shift, and it really works !!! Its like yesterday with that dog was like,---
    Au! Au! Au! and where did he go!? :))))
    Was very funny

    Thank you for insight


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