April 4, 2015

Blood Moon #3

Early this morning, we had the third in the heralded blood moon series, all of which have been seen from where I live in the southwest United States.  This one was also seen west of here across the Pacific Ocean and all the way to Australia.  I did not write much about blood moon #2 from last October, as the evening was hazy and the eclipse could barely be seen from my location.  Before you read on, however, I recommend that you read the "Blood Moon" post from a year ago, as all of that information is still pertinent to this morning’s event. 

I woke up around 4 AM and bundled up in my winter coat, gloves and hat, as it was 28° outside.  The full moon had been brightly lighting up the landscape for hours at that point.  At 4:15 AM, the earth’s shadow started slowly covering the moon’s surface.  I got my camera set up outside and started observing and sensing the energy.  Almost immediately I experienced the extreme sadness and heavy weight on my chest and heart as I did a year ago.  This was a sadness for all of humanity and how much we have lost or forgotten about in regard to our true nature and the knowingness that we are grand cosmic beings. It was a sadness for the entrapment that has kept us stuck for so long in this arena.  This is all about to change, however, so there is an end to our predicament looming in our future. 

Of course, there are no victims, but this 4th dimensional challenge that we have created for ourselves has gone a bit too far, and so many are also still asleep.  The moon is in fact an artificially created satellite that is constantly beaming negative programming to our planet.  The only time that one can really get a sense of this is during a total lunar eclipse.  When the earth completely blocks the sun’s rays from hitting the surface of the moon, there is nothing to divert our attention from the unrelenting negativity.

The totality of the eclipse occurred around 6 AM, so at 5 AM, I decided to walk down my road to put some outgoing mail in my mailbox.  I am so rarely outside at this hour.  I live out in the country, and the view of the stars, planets and Milky Way against a dark sky provided a really nice diversion from what was happening with the moon, which was about half way hidden at that point.  I did not get a quiet stroll down my road, however, as my neighbors across the street had let their 3 dogs out into their fenced yard, and the neighbor nearer to my mailbox was actually walking her dog on a leash in her yard.  All the dogs started barking.  Fancy that.  At 5 AM!!!!  I must apologize to them all for disturbing the peace so early in the morning. 

During the full totality of the eclipse, the moon turned blood red, and I could actually see the dark stream of energy emanating from the moon and coming to earth.  Very creepy!  Keep in mind that our bodies may be stuck here, but we have full dominion over our own souls and it is the destiny of many here now to exit the 4D arena once and for all when the time comes.  I firmly believe, as does George Kavassilas, that our DNA is an artificially created mechanism of control, as is our chakra system, the skin of our Luminous Energy Field as well as the genetic lineages that are contained in the master strand of DNA in the pineal gland.  Once these are all transcended, the programming from the moon and anywhere else for that matter will no longer have an effect on us. 

The light of the moon started coming back at the same time as the night turned to day with the rising of the sun.  The heaviness of the whole event started to fade as the nurturing energy from our sun permeated everything.  What a difference!  I never did get to see the eclipse through to the end, as the moon was rapidly heading towards the western horizon as it was setting.  An interesting thing did occur at that time.  Since the sky was getting lighter, the remaining dark part of the moon was barely visible.  What was clearly visible, though, was the widening crescent at the top as more of the sun’s rays hit its surface.  This crescent had the shape of a frowning mouth, with the corners turned down.  Was this one last parting message from the moon?

This blood moon was the 3rd out of 4 to occur at 6 month intervals for a year and a half.  The next and last one will be on September 27th into 28th, and will only be a partial eclipse for the western part of the US.   Interesting that I did not know this when I booked my next sacred site journey which will take me to Bolivia and Peru in September.  I will be able to "enjoy" the next total eclipse of the moon from Machu Picchu.  Ha! 

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